As happens, last week’s Think Tasmania article about pet-friendly accommodation sparked much discussion and feedback. The message has been received, loud and clear: our readers want us to provide information. They want their pets on holiday with them; so we need to conduct extensive research.

Pets on Holiday - Cats

Cat-lovers take their pets on holidays too

Pets on Holiday: Take Them or Leave Them?

Paul McIntyre from ABC Radio is the producer of the Statewide Evenings program. He was quick to contact Think Tasmania, asking if I’d talk about the subject on air. I agreed, and even though I usually avoid public speaking like the plague, Helen Shield is such a lovely host she made sure the chat went well. Thanks to those who’ve since voiced approval… you are too kind.

Anyway, during the conversation, the point was raised that taking “pets” on holiday probably really meant “dogs” (as opposed to cats, guinea pigs and goldfish). Helen even laughed, wondering what tourists could possibly hope to gain from taking Fluffy with them. Well Helen, do we have news for you!

Pet Friendly Accommodation in Tasmania

Renee Evans, the owner/manager of Willaway Motel Apartments in Ulverstone joined our conversation on Facebook to confirm their accommodation was super pet-friendly. Renee owns her own Cavoodle named Benson as well as ten fantail pigeons. The motel on the north west coast welcomes guests with pets on holiday in Tasmania; and not just dogs, either. They’ve apparently had cats, budgies and even a cockatoo come to stay!

Pets on Holiday - Birds

Travelling in Tasmania with a pet bird?

The discussion also delved into the requirements of both the accommodation provider and the person taking their pets on holiday with them. Guests at Willaway Motel are asked to bring their own pet-bedding and clean up after the animals. In Renee’s experience, most responsible pet owners are inclined to do the right thing anyway. They’ve so far had only good experiences with people travelling with their pets. Benson often gets asked out to meet new playmates.

Pets on Holiday: First Hand Experience

Renee went on to say: “we’d love you to come and meet Benson. He loves the Motel Life!!! On many, many occasions people stay with us when they’re travelling for dog shows up the coast. We’ve had many beautiful dogs stay and the pet owners are fantastic people too”.

We do hope to meet Benson in Ulverstone one day; he sounds adorable. We’re also going to stay at Gardener’s Cottage, a pet-friendly accommodation property in the Huon Valley soon; we’ll tell you all about that experience in due course. Louise from Alice’s Cottages and Spa Hideaways in Launceston knows of several accommodation properties in Tasmania accepting of pets. But as you’d know, we like to form our own first-hand opinion before giving a stamp of approval and ongoing, substantial promotion. It’s just how we do things!

It is great to know we can assist business owners connect with our readers (aka their potential customers). In fact, we had a call from a listener following the Statewide Evenings interview with ABC Radio, asking for our assistance. He and his wife are planning to open a pet-friendly accommodation property soon, also near Ulverstone as it happens. They feel the state really needs additional options for people taking pets on holiday. Many readers have expressed the very same opinion to us.

What to Expect: Rules of The Road

Louise from Alice’s Cottages did share some other useful tips, outlining what people could expect from the property owner when taking pets on holiday. Points included adequate safe fencing, access to water bowls, shade and shelter, waste management and clean covers for the furniture.

Pets on Holiday - Tasmania

Are pets allowed inside on the furniture?

In return, each property should clearly stipulate their own rules for guests travelling with pets on holiday. Importantly, dogs should not be left unsupervised, say while the family heads out for a nice dinner. Dogs should also be kept on a lead around other guests and animals (including farm stock and wildlife). As Renee concluded, responsible people are likely to do the right thing in any situation, regardless of their travelling companions.

Pets on Holiday - Horses

Horses on holiday in Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

And the final word about taking pets on holiday, goes to this Think Tasmania reader…

We had a wonderful stay at Cable Station Restaurant & Accommodation in Stanley late last year and we were able to take our Siamese cat and house-trained rabbit to stay with us in the cottage ~ Katrina Brothers

How about that, Helen Shield? Fluffy AND Bugs!

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