Carol Haberle loved the history of Tasmania, which was reflected in the many articles she wrote for Think Tasmania. The March photo of the month chosen for this series is like a step back in time. Pictured is a row of quaint shops in the township of Stanley in the north west region of Tasmania. Carol took this photo 10 November 2009.

Photo of the Month - Stanley Tasmania

Stanley Tasmania: photo of the month (Carol Haberle)

Photo of the Month Further Reading

As stated, Carol did love Tasmania’s history… with a passion, in fact. It was one of her favourite topics to write about; she researched thoroughly and shared her knowledge generously. Here’s a few articles from the archives you may enjoy, if you too love a heritage yarn with outstanding photos to match.

That’s just a random selection from many more articles we could have listed. We hope you enjoy taking a trip down memory lane with Carol.

If it’s Stanley (the small town in Tasmania’s far north west) you’re keen to hear about, you may like these articles…

Photo of the Month - The Nut, Stanley

Cattle graze at Stanley: Tasmania (photo by Carol Haberle)

Thanks again to Greg Hale for selecting the photo of the month for March. We always look forward to publishing this series and we hope you continue to enjoy Carol’s work as we do.

Greg Hale is curating a series for Think Tasmania, featuring a monthly photo taken by Carol Haberle. Greg was a colleague, photography mentor and friend of Carol’s and we’re honoured to continue sharing her great work with readers.

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Map: Stanley, Tasmania….

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