I was wondering how we can get our business promoted via Think Tasmania. We are a Penguin based business, Pickled Sisters Pantry and operate out of our commercial kitchen in Deviation Road. We make jams, chutneys, sauces, relishes etc. and all from locally-sourced Tasmanian produce. All our products are locally grown and made and we would like to get some coverage in the town where we operate.

Pickled Sisters Pantry - Robyn and Lynne

Robyn and Lynne: Pickled Sisters Pantry, Penguin

We are two sisters, with me being the oldest. I moved to Tasmania from Victoria three years ago. My sister Robyn has been living in Tassie for around 30 years or more and she has been a business-woman in Burnie for most of that time. Robyn along with her husband owned Bells Bargains in Upper Burnie for nearly 20 years.

My history has been in hospitality so we decided to open a gourmet cafe-deli in Burnie which we operated for two years and during that time we did win an award for the best new business. We sold the business last October and we were lucky enough to maintain our name. We wanted to follow my dream of producing a range of cottage jams and relishes etc.

Pickled Sisters Pantry - Marmalade

Marmalade: Pickled Sisters Pantry

Well, we have done this and I live in Penguin and operate from a commercial kitchen from home, all registered and permitted by local council. We have our products in a few major Tasmanian tourist outlets and just recently, we won two gold medals in the Tasmanian Fine Food Awards. Our products are available at the Makers Workshop, Stanley Providore 24, Deloraine Deli, Ashgrove Cheese and hopefully in Renaissance in Penguin soon.

Pickled Sisters Pantry - Sauces and Pickles

Sauces and pickles made in Penguin

What we want to achieve is for the Pickled Sisters Pantry products to be sold locally. They are local in nearly every aspect as we not only grow quite a lot of the ingredients, we get all our berries locally. We would like to show folks that you are never too old to follow a dream (we are both retiring age) and we are happy to share some wonderful recipes. I am the chef and do all the cooking and Robyn does the labelling design, books and is the general “dogs body”.

Regards, Lynne

Pickled Sisters Pantry: Sold on Penguin Produce

Tell you what, if Lynne wasn’t totally committed to Pickled Sisters Pantry, we’d have her signed up to write articles for Think Tasmania. What a fantastic letter! She’s outlined perfectly what she wants from us, and also what her family business is all about. Life around here would be so simple if we could just publish Lynne’s letter and say: job done!

Pickled Sisters Pantry - Relish and Chutney

Relish and chutney from the Pickled Sisters Pantry

However, we’ve made a commitment to our readers to publish only information from first-hand knowledge. Enter Michelle Kneipp Pegler, who happens to live in Gunns Plains… not far from Penguin. She has such an obliging, community-minded spirit and she offered to visit the Pickled Sisters Pantry in person and see them in action.

Pickled Sisters Pantry - Honey

Tasmanian honey: Pickled Sisters Pantry

Pickled Sisters Right on the Money

As it turns out, Robyn and Lynne do have a commercial kitchen in Penguin and do chop and cook and bottle their own products… exactly as they say. The inspirational ladies were extremely busy preparing their delicious gourmet jams on the day of Michelle’s visit, but were happy to chat about their business. The ladies gave Michelle a lovely sample hamper of their goodies; and she’s given them her resounding seal of approval for taste, quality and presentation.

Pickled Sisters Pantry - Jams

Pickled Sisters Pantry: made with Tasmanian produce

As it turns out, with a great collaborative effort, having their business promoted via Think Tasmania was pretty simple for Pickled Sisters Pantry after all.  And now we know how good they are, we’ll be sure to keep reminding everyone on the website and social media.

20 May 2013 ~ Hello again! Think Tasmania readers now have a chance to WIN a selection of goodies from the Pickled Sisters Pantry range. Good luck to everyone.

Pickled Sisters Pantry - Gift Packs

Pickled Sisters Pantry

Pickled Sisters Pantry are located at 74 Deviation Road in Penguin. You can follow Pickled Sisters Pantry on Facebook; contact Pickled Sisters Pantry via email or phone (03) 6437 0712.

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Map: Pickled Sisters Pantry, Penguin Tasmania

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