Hobart can still produce surprises, even though we’ve lived here a long time now. Take Picnic Cafe in Mathers Lane, for example. What a little gem!

Picnic Cafe: Mathers Lane, Hobart Tasmania

Picnic Cafe: Mathers Lane, Hobart

Mathers Lane: Picnic Cafe

We stumbled across Picnic Cafe (and Mathers Lane, for that matter) during a Sunday stroll in Hobart. We like to wander aimlessly following our forage at Farm Gate Market, just for fun.

Mathers Lane: Mural

Mathers Lane, Hobart: Mural

There’s a lovely, sunny courtyard area between Bathurst Street (home of the market) and Liverpool Street. One day, after we’d gathered meat and eggs from our favourite Tasmanian farmers, we ventured into Mathers Lane for a late breakfast at Picnic Cafe.

The service was particularly friendly. We had a fabulously well-priced and well-prepared meal with a notable coffee on the side. And we wouldn’t hesitate to go back again.

Picnic Cafe - Mathers Lane Hobart

Picnic Cafe Breakfast: Mathers Lane Hobart

Where to Find: Picnic Cafe

Picnic Cafe is located in Shop 6a, Mathers Lane (access via Liverpool, Bathurst or Criterion Streets in central Hobart). Phone 0488 992 133 for details or follow Picnic Cafe on Facebook.

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Map: Picnic Cafe, Hobart Tasmania

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