We asked Think Tasmania readers to tell us about the Best Pie in Tasmania, and the response was overwhelming. If you’re dieting, you may want to look away now! Otherwise, please enjoy this sumptuous feast of bakery treats, something Tasmanians obviously do well.

Pie - Ross Bakery

Ross Bakery pie (photo by Roger Findlay)

Who Makes the Best Pie in Tasmania?

When we posted this Best in Tassie Challenge, we didn’t stipulate meat pie, scallop pie or cherry pie. We left that open for interpretation to generate as much conversation as possible. And wow… we certainly did that. Does Tasmania produce more great pies per capita than anywhere else? Or maybe we’ve just inspired the pie connoisseurs of the world to join our conversation?

Pie - Cherry Shed, Latrobe

Cherry Pie: Cherry Shed, Latrobe (photo by Dan Fellow)

The topic of a good pie in Tasmania is clearly not exhausted yet, by any stretch. We’ve received an article from guest author Kerry Davenport about Annie’s Kitchen in Whitemark, Flinders Island. Kerry felt compelled to meet Annie after tasting one of her homemade scallop pies. They look and sound delicious, as do all the other goodies from Annie’s Kitchen, so we’ll be bringing you that story really soon.

According to Think Tasmania Facebook Followers…

Here are the responses provided by our followers on Facebook about the best pie in Tasmania (at the time of writing that is… more comments are continually being added). As you can see, some crowd favourites are mentioned several times; others are bakers we hadn’t heard about before. Exactly the result we were looking for!

Susan ~ the best pies where I live are made at the Port Huon Trading Post Shop and Cafe on the Huon Highway in the far south. They’re absolutely scrumptious.

Emma ~ Top Of Town Bakery in New Norfolk make great pies

Emma ~ Want to take a drive to New Norfolk? YOU MUST visit The Cake Lady Cafe, everything is made personally by Jean the owner, she works there as well. YUMMY

Think Tasmania ~ we’re not sure this last comment is relevant to the Best Pie Challenge. Maybe we should refer Emma to the Best Cupcake Challenge? We’ll give it the benefit of the doubt though.

Mrs Pilon Enterprises ~ Hamer’s Bakery Currie King Island Gourmet Pies

Chris & Janet ~ Anvers beef pie with chocolate

Megan ~ The bakery at Longford

Sussi ~ That one looks yummmmm

Think Tasmania ~ Sussi is referring to the pie photo that was published with the Facebook Challenge. It was taken by Roger Findlay at the Ross Bakery (see above)

Carol ~ Ridgley Bakery!

Pie - Chips & Gravy

Pie with chips and gravy: Ridgley Bakery (photo by Carol Haberle)

Lisa ~ Crustys bakery

Carl ~ Exeter Bakery by far

Roger ~ Meat or fish or the other things?

Think Tasmania ~ we purposely didn’t lead the witness Roger!!

Hilary ~ According to our 15 year old ‘pie guru’ …The Ridgley Bakery

Angeline ~ I like the chicken and corn pie from Bakers Dozen. I have heard that Wendy’s rabbit pies are really yummy (cafe across from the petrol station in Railton)

Pie - Rabbit from Railton

Rabbit pie: Railton (photo by Michelle Pegler)

Sue ~ Tinnies Pies in Kings Meadows, have never had a scallop pie like the ones they have. Top class and we go there often

Roger ~ Come & try our freshly shot rabbit pies!

Lynn ~ The Bears Went Over the Mountain, Geeveston for curried scallop pies

Allison & Brendon ~ TKO Bakery Cafe Oatlands! BEST beef and guiness pie EVER

Christine ~ May be slightly biased but Ridgley Bakery for sure

Think Tasmania ~ We were very sad to hear of the fire at the Ridgley Bakery, and sincerely hope Christine, Mick and their family and staff can see the business rebuilt

Rebecca ~ I would like to know also, haven’t eaten a pie in ages and not about to unless it is nothing short of wonderful …. well?

Heather ~ Sheffield Pub

Keli ~ Tinnies Pies!

Kim & Rod Prestedge ~ Ross Bakery for curried scallop pies

Pie - Homemade Scallop Pies

Scallop Pies (photo by Roger Findlay)

Kim ~ Smith’s pies from a tiny white caravan at Salamanca Market. The best pies I have ever eaten

Laura ~ If you’re talking plain meat pie, nothing fancy, National Pies win hands down

Georgina ~ Jackman and McRoss!!

Deb ~ We tried a scallop pie in Richmond at the bakery while on holidays there – was a little hesitant to start, but loved it!

Donald ~ Cameron Jones, use to be in Old Wilmot Bakehouse B&B, now in Cafe 22 in Devonport

Jacey ~ Hamilton Bakery!!! Get in early though, the guy is usually on his own in there baking and serving so it gets hard for him to keep up the demand sometimes. Those pies fly out the door! And despite his obvious pressure, he still makes sure he gives great service and friendly conversation while you’re there. Truly worth the drive

Wendy ~ I’m pretty keen on the blackberry and apple pies at the St Marys Bakery myself. I suspect that the spinach and feta pasties Evelyn also makes don’t really count as pies but they are great too. Having said that I never had a less than yummy pie from Hamilton in all my years living up the Derwent Valley either.

Mark ~ Tinnies Pies certainly has to be the best I have ever had; the sausage rolls are also very very good. Close tie to Brighton Bakery

Think Tasmania ~ Thanks to Mark for providing the link to the Facebook page for Tinnies Pies

Roger ~ The best pies in Tasmania are home made by the ladies who stick to passed-down recipes. Try one

Pie - Homemade Rabbit Pies

Homemade rabbit pies (photo by Roger Findlay)

Hayley ~ The pie shop in Hamilton! The lamb curry pie is so awesome!

Alex ~ I agree with Jacey and Hayley, the Hamilton Pie shop!!!

Maree ~ The Big Apple, Spreyton!

Carmen ~ Dunalley!

Debbie ~ Big apple make wonderful blue berry pies

Margie ~ I do

Carl ~ The bakery at the White House at Westbury makes a very nice potato pie

Sally~ Best Curried Scallop Pie in Tassie? Eucalypt Cafe Port Arthur. You get 10, yes 10 scallops in it!

Tracee ~ I have tried the curried scallop pie at the Ross Bakery – yummo, but I am willing to be fair & try others all around the beautiful state

Mike ~ The Wague Pie Co in Oldaker St in Devonport. Real meat – I love it

Brenda ~ The bakery in Richmond

Jean ~ Smiths Pies are great

Chris ~ Wagyu Pie Company in Devonport!

Platypus Park Country Retreat ~ BEST pie in Tasmania just has to be the Cottage Bakery in Scottsdale, they win awards every year!

Eye See Personalised Tours ~ the Lilydale Bakery Cafe sell a good pie

Anne ~ Tamar Cakes, the Bakery at George Town, make the most awesome pepper steak pies… pieces or tender beef and real green peppercorns !! TO DIE FOR !! YUM PS. Their other pies are great too, but the pepper steak pie is outstanding

Wagyu Pie Company and Bakehouse

Rini Puccetti from Sheffield went one step further than a Facebook comment and contacted Think Tasmania:

Just thought I’d send you the information for the maker of the pies we stock at Fudge’n’Good Coffee. They are from the Wagyu Pie Company and Bakehouse in Devonport. In my opinion, they are the most delicious pies ever! They do lots of varieties and everything is TOP quality. We are proud to sell them here. You can contact Craig via the Wagyu Pie Company & Bakehouse Facebook page.

Pie - Wagyu Beef Bakehouse

Wagyu Beef Pie Company and Bakehouse (photo by Rini Puccetti)

With a great slogan like “quality is everything”, we’re tempted to find out more about the Wagyu Pie Company & Bakehouse, who specialise in Wagyu Beef products. Apparently their cattle are totally grass fed on rich Tasmanian pastures and sourced from Waterhouse to Sheffield to Robins Island. Mark that down: need to investigate.

We also need to investigate My Slice of Pie in Mountain River. We met business owner Christine Bowden and her grand-daughter Isabel at the Huon Valley Business Expo and promised to visit them at their new cafe when construction was finished. That must be coming up soon. And if we keep investigating all these pie-makers, we might also need to research some gym classes or a personal trainer.

Pie - My Slice of Pie, Grove

Cherry: My Slice of Pie, Huon Valley

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