We have to go back to Launceston again soon, to have brunch at Pierre’s again. And when I say we have to, I just mean we want to!

Pierre's - Launceston Restaurant

Dining in Launceston: Pierre’s Brasserie

Pierre’s: Dining in Launceston

Admittedly, the last time we stayed in Launceston was a little while ago now. When we checked out from our accommodation, we visited the City Park monkeys during a morning stroll around the CBD. And then we were hungry. Doesn’t take much.

Pierres - Launceston City Park Monkeys

Tasmania: Launceston City Park monkeys

The decor of Pierre’s Restaurant was perfect in my eyes. I hope they don’t revamp any time soon.

Pierre's - George Street, Launceston

Beautiful decor: Pierre’s Restaurant, Launceston

Brunch at Pierre’s Brasserie

Brunch consisted of eggs Benedict: poached eggs on sourdough with hollandaise and crispy bacon. Will have exactly the same again next time!

Pierre's - Dining in Launceston

Brunch: Pierre’s on George, Launceston Tasmania

Gavin chose the Caesar salad with bacon, croutons, poached egg and anchovies. He thought the decision to include anchovies was inspired. I could certainly live without them… I’m just not that sort of girl.

Pierre's - Brasserie, Launceston

Dining in Launceston: Pierre’s Restaurant

George Street: Lunch in Launceston

An optional extra was also ordered with the salad. We didn’t even realise it was missing until our very apologetic waitress brought the AWOL salmon to the table. Proving yet again, if there was ever any doubt: we are completely unqualified food critics. We just like good food and like sharing suggestions with you.

Pierre's - Chocolate Cake

Chocolate cake with whisky: Pierre’s on George

We stayed long enough at Pierre’s on George to justify brunch with dessert, and tucked away a chocolate cake and a crème brûlée between us. Two of our favourites, right there. No wonder we’re dreaming up a return visit.

Pierre's - Crème Brûlée

Pierre’s Brasserie: dessert with brunch

Pierre’s is located at 88 George Street, not far from Launceston City Park. Phone (03) 6331 6835 for details or follow Pierre’s Brasserie on Facebook.

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Map: Pierre’s Brasserie, Launceston Tasmania…

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