Today, I was going to write about another business on Hobart’s eastern shore; the next article in a series to celebrate the success of Business East award-winners in Clarence. There was just one problem with that master plan. When I arrived on location with my trusty camera in hand, the staff were so busy serving customers, it was clearly mission impossible. Which is great for that particular business, but not so great for Think Tasmania’s publishing schedule! I will undoubtedly return another day to get the scoop on such a popular place. But for now, I will instead be sharing a little about Pindos Park.

Pindos Park - Clarence

Pindos Park: Clarence City Council

Pindos Park: One Option!

I have been told, on more than one occasion, that I am the Queen of producing a story from “nothing”. That theory will be placed squarely under the microscope today. My well-constructed plans for an interview disappeared in a puff of smoke this morning AND I’ve been experiencing technical difficulties for almost a week now. By that, I mean my computer (the one with all my photos and work files stored on it) is at the emergency department. The IT doctors are attempting to revive it, but it’s probably already at the pearly gates awaiting entry to computer-Heaven.

I can be quite determined when I set my mind to a task. Today’s task was to produce a story for the website. So I had two choices. I could either…

(a) abandon Think Tasmania’s first-hand experience ethos and trot out a paraphrased mash-up from a press release accompanied by stock photos. Or

(b) actually choose a place to visit in order to write a unique article and capture an album of photos that may appeal to our readers.

Pindos Park - Celebrity Solstice

Cruise ship: Hobart Tasmania

I chose option B. There’s a shock! The weather in southern Tasmania was picture-perfect this morning, so I ventured to Tranmere Point and took a stroll around Pindos Park with my camera. I was rewarded with stunning views across the Derwent River towards Wrest Point Casino in Sandy Bay and the Hobart wharf, CBD and general Hobart waterfront region. The Celebrity Solstice cruise ship was even in dock, just for my benefit.

Pindos Park - Hobart CBD

Derwent River: Hobart CBD from Pindos Park

Pindos Park - Cruise Ship

Cruise ship Celebrity Solstice: Hobart wharf

Pindos Park - Wrest Point Hotel Casino

Wrest Point Hotel Casino

Looking down the D’Entrecasteaux Channel you can see all the way to Bruny Island; I really should return when the Sydney to Hobart yacht race is drawing to a close. I may even drag my tripod out next time, and pretend I actually know what I’m doing with my camera!

Pindos Park - Bruny Island

Pindos Park views: D’Entrecasteaux Channel, Bruny Island

Pindos Park - Bench

Watching yachts: Sydney to Hobart race

Tranmere Coastal Reserve: Clarence

Pindos Park in Tranmere is actually the end point of one of many walking trails along the Clarence foreshore. The track is popular with dog owners, joggers and bike riders.

Pindos Park - Dog Walking

Tranmere Coastal Reserve track

Pindos Park - Howrah

Clarence Foreshore Trail: Howrah to Tranmere Point

Pindos Park - Walking Track

Clarence Foreshore Trail: Howrah to Tranmere Point

I met some sporty ladies on their weekly ride who were happy to have their photo shared by Think Tasmania. It was very lucky timing… they choose a different route each Tuesday, and today they’d ridden from Blundstone Arena in Bellerive to Tranmere Point. They planned to eat their lunch at the picnic shelter provided and then cycle back to Bellerive Village again.

The trail from Howrah to Pindos Park is part of the Tranmere Coastal Reserve. It follows the foreshore of the River Derwent and runs adjacent to the road and residential area. The council maintain the recreational reserve in a “natural” state (despite the obvious development) for both environmental and cultural heritage values. From first-hand experience I should warn potential track-users to beware the dreaded snake during summer and spring.

Overall, the scenic coastal location is a real bonus. Besides the odd snake, we’ve seen a few seals, many dolphins and even a solitary whale. I kid you not. The whale sighting was cause for much excitement, and my entire family dreams of another whale encounter. It’s definitely reason to return to Tranmere Point for a picnic with binoculars in hand. As evidenced today, you could also fish, kayak, jet-ski, splash in the waves, do a little rock-hopping or just watch the birds. Your dog may also like to chase the rabbits… there’s quite a few bunnies hiding in the bushes!

Pindos Park - Birds

Birds: Tranmere Coastal Reserve

Pindos Park - Tranmere

Coastal reserve: Tranmere Road, Howrah

Tranmere Point Playground

Of course, from my photos you’ll gather that Pindos Park has a playground too. It looks to be a good one for kids, with one section fenced to contain younger children. Before the ladies arrived on their push-bikes, a single family was having a snack and giving the swings and slides a workout. They were surprised no-one else was taking advantage of the magical weather conditions and hitting Tranmere Point.

Pindos Park - Playground

Pindos Park playground, Tranmere Point

Pindos Park - Playground

Pindos Park playground, Tranmere Point

Pindos Park - Playground

Pindos Park playground, Tranmere Point

Pindos Park - Playground

Pindos Park playground, Tranmere Point

So that’s it. Not what we were expecting to publish today, but hopefully you’ll appreciate this snippet of information about Pindos Park at Tranmere Point on the eastern shore region of Hobart. And now you can look forward to another article about a very popular place in Bellerive. Not to give too much away, but… it involves a dining experience, and clearly a good one judging by the amount of patrons in attendance today.

Pindos Park - Tranmere Point

Magnificent views from Tranmere Point

Pindos Park - Playground, Tranmere

Pindos Park playground, Tranmere Point

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Map: Pindos Park, Tranmere Point

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