Pinktober Light Up Hobart is brought to you by MacMurray Insurance Brokers and will commence from 1 October 2017.

PINKtober - Hobart Roundabout

PINKtober (photo supplied: Judi Adams, NBCF Hobart)

Pinktober Light Up Hobart highlights will include…

2017: Pinktober Light Up Hobart

To mark the commencement of October (breast cancer awareness month) and to herald the upcoming Pink Cup on October 8, Pinktober Light Up Hobart will see Hobart City Council sites glowing brightly in pink to shine a spotlight on breast cancer awareness.

Pinktober Light Up Hobart - Pink Cup

Pink Cup, Hobart: October 8 (photo supplied)

As in previous years, the Hobart Volunteer Committee will be encouraging local businesses and store fronts to also consider going pink for the month.

Supporters can also have a donation box in-store or onsite to assist this initiative.

Pinktober - Railway Roundabout, Hobart

Pinktober (photo supplied, credit PMC Photography)

National Breast Cancer Foundation: Hobart Volunteer Committee

For more information about Pinktober Light Up Hobart or any other events planned by the Hobart Volunteer Committee of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, contact Judi Adams by email or phone 0415 294 610.

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