It’s now Spring in Tasmania… and then comes October. Or as we like to call it… PINKtober.

PINKtober - Hobart Roundabout

PINKtober (photo supplied)

Colour Your World: PINKtober

by Judi Adams

The Hobart Volunteer Committee of the National Breast Cancer Foundation is encouraging local firms to make pink their store fronts, venues, websites, work spaces or windows for PINKtober 2014. This is a wonderful, low-cost way to show support for the breast cancer awareness campaign during the month of October here in Tasmania.

We’ve already garnered the support of the Hobart City Council. Pinktober will again see the Hobart Railway Roundabout Fountain shine brightly in pink hues for a month to mark the awareness campaign.

PINKtober - Railway Roundabout, Hobart

Hobart PINKtober (photo by PMC Photography, supplied)

Start getting creative. Then contact Tania and Gavin at Think Tasmania via Facebook and they’ll share photos of your version of PINKtober. You’ll get a little bonus for your efforts: online promotion for your business.

PINKtober Blossom in Hobart

Pink blossom in Hobart: PINKtober

PINKtober - Roses in Bloom

Pink roses (photo by Dan Fellow)

PINKtober - Wynyard Wharf at Sunset

Perfect pink: Wynyard (photo by Carol Haberle)

PINKtober and Beyond… Other Events to Note

Also note your diary for these upcoming events, proudly supporting the National Breast Cancer Foundation here in Tasmania:

We are again exploring an exciting event, to be held at MONA to celebrate the Hobart Cup Carnival, so stayed tuned for more details about that one too!

For more information about PINKtober or any other events planned by the Hobart Volunteer Committee of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, contact Judi Adams by phone 0415 294 610. Some photos (as indicated) supplied by Judi Adams.

The Hobart Volunteer Committee ~ National Breast Cancer Foundation is a registered member of Think Tasmania.

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