We pretend we don’t eat very much pizza. It’s true, we don’t order pizza very often. But when we do order pizza, we order from Pizzarazzi, and we get the “dinner for six” deal. Pizza for days! The leftovers freeze well, so we can whip out a sneaky bit of pizza anytime and reheat for a snack. Aren’t we bad?

Pizzarazzi - Best Pizza in Hobart

Chicken pizza: Pizzarazzi

Pizzarazzi: The Real Deal

Dinner for six includes three large pizzas and three sides. The customer gets to choose which pizza and which sides. Our favourites include the Pizzarazzi sweet chilli chicken: red onion, mozzarella cheese, chicken breast and red capsicum on a base of sweet chilli sauce. It’s so delicious.

The black forest calzone has been known to make it onto our selection of sides. Sometimes, when we’re feeling virtuous, we’ll get chicken wings and salad. They’re good too. But it’s hard to beat the mixed berries and rich chocolate for dessert. And we can tell you this… there’s never ANY leftovers when it comes to chocolate calzone.

Pizzarazzi - Dessert pizza, chocolate calzone

Black forest calzone (berries and chocolate)

Pizza in Hobart Tasmania

Our local Pizzarazzi is at 176 Clarence Street in Howrah, not far from Howrah Beach. Phone: (03) 6244 5686 for details or follow Pizzarazzi on Facebook. Other Hobart stores are located at 127b Main Road, Moonah and 135 Sandy Bay Road, Sandy Bay. We usually order online for home delivery.

Tell us… how do you do pizza? Leave a reply in the comment section below with your thoughts. Good service is always very important to us, and the team at Pizzarazzi have got that nailed.

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