When I was young, my parents took me to the airport in Adelaide to watch the planes landing and taking off. It was just simple fun. In time, we did the same thing with our kids when they were old enough to appreciate the experience. Unless I’ve had a totally weird upbringing, I think it’s probably something most families would do. If that’s the case in your household, and you have children or grandchildren who would be excited by an aviation encounter… we know the perfect vantage point for you!

Planes - Overhead

Planes: close enough to touch!

Planes: Prepare for Landing

During that brief window of opportunity in life, when your kids are old enough to appreciate an exciting new experience yet still young enough to enjoy your company on an outing… that’s the time to seize the moment.

With varying degrees of success, we would strive to find the optimum place; the one with the best view of planes. I remember getting taken aside discretely in the airport terminal one day, to be swept for bomb residue. I didn’t even have a ticket… but clearly I looked a bit suspicious!

Planes - Seven Mile Beach

Plane approaches Seven Mile Beach

In all our attempts, we never found a place quite like Seven Mile Beach. To give your kids a real thrill, line them up on the beach near Surf Road at the south-eastern end of Hobart International Airport. Depending on the day’s wind direction, planes will fly in to land right over their heads and give them a fantastic view.

Planes - Approaching

Planes so close overhead

At least that will be the case until a proposed extension to Hobart’s runway goes ahead. To cater for larger international flights carrying passengers eager to enjoy our state (from China, for example), the runway needs to be lengthened somehow. The boost to tourism in Tasmania may have a consequence for access to Surf Road, but all that is yet to be finalised.

Planes - Qantas

Qantas planes: in the Tasmanian news

Take Off for Seven Mile Beach

It was pure luck that we discovered this location, but we couldn’t wait to share the details with our devoted readers here at Think Tasmania. We were cruising around Seven Mile Beach on a gloriously sunny day. We needed photos of planes for a social media client, but it was about 1:30pm on a Sunday. We thought it fairly unlikely we’d see anything of interest unless we actually went to the airport. And then, we spotted something shiny in the distance.

Planes - Approaching the Airport

Virgin plane: Hobart International Airport

Planes - Virgin

Hobart: Blues skies for Virgin passengers

Already driving along Surf Road behind the Hobart Airport near Llanherne Golf Club, we pulled over and lurched out of the car while simultaneously grabbing the camera. Gavin was armed with his trusty mobile phone, as always. Obviously the best of our photos have been reserved for our client, but we took so many snaps, we have plenty left-over to publish here as well.

The experience was amazing; it left us laughing and breathless. It all happened so fast, and for a moment, we honestly thought the plane was coming straight for us! Before we’d had time to compose ourselves, another plane started its descent towards us. We moved further down onto the beach for a different angle. Of course, if you were really organised, you’d check the flight schedule before you left home!

Planes - Tasmania

The place to view planes: Tasmania

Planes - Beach

Planes: Seven Mile Beach, Hobart Tasmania

Taking Photos of Planes

We also mentioned sourcing our own specific photos in yesterday’s article about walking in Taroona. We find it quite bizarre that many people still think it’s okay to “borrow” photos from a Google search. Life in the online world must be agonisingly frustrating for professional photographers who are trying to earn a living from their craft. If images are online, they’re free for the taking, aren’t they? Ah, no!

Planes - Hobart International Airport

Two flights: Hobart International Airport

Planes - Landing Gear

Landing gear: planes in Tasmania

It’s a lot of extra work, but we’re pedantic like that. We always like to do the right thing, and we like to take our own photos. We’ve built a huge catalogue of images over the years, a very valuable asset suitable for our work with social media content creation. And now we have photos of planes too!

Planes - Touch Down

Perfect touch down, Hobart Tasmania

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Map: Seven Mile Beach, Tasmania…

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