Platypus Walk was my saving grace last weekend. For the last few weeks, I’ve been suffering from a nasty lurgy which comes complete – free of extra charge – with a persistent, hacking cough. Fun!

Platypus Walk: Hamilton Tasmania

Platypus Walk: Hamilton Tasmania

Hamilton: Platypus Walk Saviour

There’s nothing particularly unique about the illness. I’m just sick enough to be miserable without needing too much sympathy, really. Anyway, Gavin – bless his heart – took me on a drive from Hobart to Hamilton, a comfortable hour’s journey via New Norfolk in the Derwent Valley.

Platypus Walk - Hamilton Tasmania

Dog-friendly walk: Hamilton Tasmania

The trip was a much-needed distraction and required absolutely no effort on my part. I absorbed the sunshine through the windscreen and enjoyed the rural countryside as a passenger. Pure joy.

Platypus Walk - Central Highlands

Tasmanian countryside: farm animals

Platypus Walk - Rural Countryside

Sheep: Hamilton Tasmania

Dog-Friendly Walk in Tasmania

Our doggie came along too. She was suitably delighted with the country smells of Platypus Walk, a short stroll by the River Clyde. There were cows and sheep to think about; we also peered over the dam wall for a platypus, without any luck.

Platypus Walk - River Clyde

Spot a platypus in Tasmania

Then we sipped hot chocolate in the courtyard of Jackson’s Emporium before returning home with much-needed fresh air sucked deep into my diseased lungs. I’m sure the day-trip therapy-session will kick the cough to the curb and I’ll be back feeling a million bucks again in no time. I hope everyone who reads this is germ-free and keeping well.

Jackson's Emporium - Hamilton Tasmania

Jackson’s Emporium: Hamilton Tasmania

Platypus Walk is located adjacent to River Street. Hamilton is a truly lovely little town in the Central Highlands Council district… worthy of further investigation, we’ve decided. We might just incorporate another trip to Bothwell next time we’re up that way!

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Map: Platypus Walk, Hamilton Tasmania

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