We love a good business idea here at Think Tasmania. We also love to share information about unique ideas built from passion and enthusiasm. For these reasons, we were really pleased to chat with Kim Hicks of Enchanted Pony Parties this morning.

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Room for a Pony: South Arm

We were actually due to meet Kim at her business in South Arm today. We were looking forward to our date with the ponies and a couple of gorgeous fairies (aka the very willing models and daughter-helpers of Kim). But the unpredictable Tasmanian weather put a dampener on our plans, so we’ll have to wait a while longer for that to happen. We just couldn’t wait any longer to tell you what we learned during a substitute phone interview.

Kim and Marc Hicks could be classed as childhood sweethearts. Kim was raised in South Arm, a wonderful community south of Hobart, while Marc spent many holidays in the area. They played together as youngsters in a group of children, enjoying the safe, beach-side life that a small Tasmanian town offers. When they left school, they both went their own ways, to study and work on the mainland. Years later they reunited, and for the last eleven years have made their family home at South Arm.

Kim and Marc lead busy lives, parents of two lovely girls: Anna (8) and Eden (6). Marc is a naturopath and Kim works part-time at the Department of Justice. Her sideline, true passion and possibly future full-time career… Enchanted Pony Parties. She certainly has the ideal location to make her business a reality, and a wealth of enthusiasm and positive plans to match. And of course, Kim already owns the perfect ponies to star in the show.

Kim Hicks Has Magical Powers

The concept of Enchanted Pony Parties is a truly magical idea for young children. Celebrating a birthday (or any special occasion), the guests wear costumes and are treated to pony rides. No prior horse-riding experience is necessary, as Kim safely leads the riders around the meandering trails on the property.

Kim has extremely special powers and can transform a pony into a magical unicorn. Her guests are entranced and captivated with wonder and joy at the beautiful creatures. The parties include treasure hunts, rainbow tail races and cool drinks of juice. A gazebo setting is provided for parents to share their own party food, and Kim can provide lolly bags for an extra fee.

Kim has two young daughters. She knows from personal experience that princess, fairy and rainbow themes definitely appeal to the demographic. But boys are also welcome at Enchanted Pony Parties, and have the option of choosing a different theme. Cowboys and Indians for example, or maybe Kim could use her powers to create a zebra on safari.

Rainbows, Treasure Hunts and Unicorns

Each of the Enchanted Pony Parties lasts for two hours, and parents are welcome to stay for the experience. Kim supplies drinks, prizes and treasures for all guests, as well as a present for the birthday girl/boy. Depending on the number of children invited, two or three ponies will be saddled for rides, while another pony will be on stand-by in the stalls to accept pats and carrots. All this for the amazing price of $20 per child. A booking deposit is refunded in the event of inclement weather (or a more suitable day re-scheduled).

Kim will be holding a Christmas party soon, with details to be shared via Facebook. She also runs events for Natural Horse Care and Pony Rides, the next of those to be Sunday 13 October. Sounds like a great way to finish the holidays before the kids return to school on Monday.

Enchanted Pony Parties are located at 78 Roaring Beach Road, South Arm (about 40 minutes from Hobart in southern Tasmania). For bookings and more information phone Kim Hicks on 0428 399 168 or follow Enchanted Pony Parties on Facebook.

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