We were introduced to The Possum Shed during a Best in Tassie Challenge for Devonshire Tea. Chris and Janet, Think Tasmania readers and devotees of a good scone, prompted the article with a Facebook forum question.

Possum Shed - Devonshire Tea

Devonshire Tea: The Possum Shed

The Possum Shed: Devonshire Tea, Please!

Chris and Janet, as our expert contributors in the Devonshire Tea field, nominated The Possum Shed in Westerway as one of their favourite contenders. This opinion was soundly endorsed by the crew from Eucalypt Cafe in Port Arthur: magnificent fluffy, yet firm, scones with homemade jams, ‘real’ cream and a selection of 20 teas to choose from. Not only that, the pot holds three cups!”

Sharon from The Possum Shed was pleased with the first-hand endorsements and prompted to browse Think Tasmania further. She emailed to say: “Love your site. There’s some great information about Tassie there. I’m in the process of upgrading our website and will be sure to include a link back to you so our customers can read about all the other great places to visit”. She has indeed included a link to Think Tasmania from her website, which we really do appreciate.

Possum Shed - Derwent Valley

The Possum Shed, Westerway

We had been planning a Sunday drive to the Derwent Valley as a continuation of our personal Tassie Comeback tours. With the reciprocal positive feedback, we decided to conduct a little research of our own at The Possum Shed en route.

Possum Shed - Cafe

BLT on toasted Turkish bread

Westerway to Mount Field National Park

The Possum Shed is a delightful little cafe, resting on the banks of the Tyenna River in the small Tasmanian town of Westerway. Visitors making their way to Mount Field National Park pass through the town, about 8kms before the entrance to the national park. A 30km drive from New Norfolk will see you there. Take Glenora Road (turning into Gordon River Road) past the Salmon Ponds and the Museum of Trout Fishing on the Plenty River.

Possum Shed - Westerway

Mt Field National Park via Westerway

Diners can peruse the local art, craft and photography on display while waiting for lunch. We also ventured outside to watch the river rushing past the deck, hoping to spot a platypus. No luck for us on that wildlife front, but The Possum Shed Facebook page shows a fabulous photo (taken by Jacky Van Beukering) of a resident platypus dubbed Flossie. We did see a possum and a Tasmanian Devil during our visit… if only in the stained glass windows!

The Possum Shed - Tasmanian Devil

Tasmanian Devil and Possum: The Possum Shed

Our lunch was delivered in remarkably quick time, and the service was friendly and accommodating. No-one even flinched when we changed our minds mid-order. The Tasmanian-based menu offered lots of delectable options, and we were tempted to abandon the proposed Devonshire Tea research in favour of other choices. But we stuck with Plan A, and can confirm the scones were exactly as promised.

The Possum Shed - Lunch in the Derwent Valley

Lunch from The Possum Shed, Westerway

Tyenna River: Flossie the Platypus

We’ll definitely return to Westerway for another dining experience, and will spend more time looking for Flossie. We’ll take the kids with us, to double the chances of a positive platypus sighting. They would no doubt enjoy the range of food on offer. The Possum Shed also caters for the much-younger crowd with a special kids menu.

Possum Shed - Tyenna River

Tyenna River: Derwent Valley

Possum Shed - Platypus

Search: Flossie the resident Platypus

If you’re just looking for a thirst-quencher when travelling to and from Mt Field National Park, The Possum Shed have an extremely comprehensive drinks menu. The range of tea is particularly impressive, and we can vouch for the quality of both the coffee and hot chocolate.

We’re so lucky to live in Tasmania; the day-trip options are never-ending. Westerway in the Derwent Valley is a mere 90 minutes from Hobart, and joins our list of exemplary places to experience.

Possum Shed - Hot Drinks

The Possum Shed: hot drinks

You’ll find The Possum Shed at 1654 Gordon River Road in Westerway. For more information, phone (03) 6288 1364 or follow The Possum Shed on Facebook.

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