There’s been ongoing discussion via our website and social media recently: what makes a good waterfall in Tasmania? Access difficulty has been a common theme, so we thought we’d mention Preston Falls in Gunns Plains. As waterfalls go, it’s an easy option in bushwalking terms, and there’s no private property to negotiate.

Preston Falls - Gunns Plains

Preston Falls AKA Delaney’s Falls, Gunns Plains

Preston Falls: Quick and Easy

We made a brief stop at Preston Falls between our visits to Wings Wildlife Park and Leven Canyon during a day-trip from Ulverstone River Retreat. We also ate a nice lunch at Gunns Plains Goodies, but our local contact Michelle Kneipp Pegler has revealed the corner store has since closed. That really is a shame, for both the local community and the passing tourists.

With not a skerrick of directional sense and a totally unreliable memory, specific directions are a scarcity. Sorry about that. Judging from our photographic journal, we apparently drove 5kms along Raymond Road to visit Preston Falls.

Preston Falls - Raymond Road

Raymond Road, Gunns Plains: Preston Falls near Leven Canyon

We really should write as we go, while the memory is still fresh. Some readers believe we should feature just one town at a time on Think Tasmania, rather than flit back and forth between regions. We’re not quite sure how to make that happen, or where we should start. Please let us know how you feel about that; which Tasmanian town should we showcase first?

Ulverstone to Gunns Plains

In the meantime, back to the subject at hand. Starting from Ulverstone, a beautiful centre in the north west coast region of Tasmania, it’s probably only a short drive to Preston Falls. Let’s say about 15 minutes, via Gunns Plains Road (aka Preston Road).

Preston Falls - Balck Bluff

Black Bluff (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Our advice would be this: just drive around the general area… you’ll find Preston Falls eventually! You may end up at Gunns Plains Caves or Kaydale Lodge instead, both good options when talking things to do in Tasmania. If you’re desperate for more precision and detail, you should contact Michelle. She owns Uncover Tasmania Guided Tours and has a handle on all the highlights of the region. Without a shadow of a doubt, Michelle can take you straight to wherever it is you want to go.

Preston Falls - Creek

Walk to Preston Falls

Preston Falls… Or Delaney’s Falls?

There’s a signpost on the road that clearly marks the tourist attraction we speak of here. We even photographed the sign for good measure, being well aware we sometimes need a memory-prompt. As it turns out, it was a good move. A quick Google search for Preston Falls would’ve had us doubting ourselves. Apparently there’s been a right-royal mix-up, with another waterfall (or possibly even two) caught up in a shocking identity scandal.

Preston Falls - Delaney's Falls

Preston Falls or Delaney’s Falls?

So call it Delaney’s Falls or Upper/Lower Preston Falls if you like. We do know for sure there’s at least one waterfall in the vicinity that’s easy to access for the general public. There’s a short walk from the roadside car park to the viewing platform, involving a few wooden stairs on a well-defined path.

Preston Falls - Tasmania

Other waterfalls in the region

And the view is a good one, although the waterfall itself isn’t all that easy to photograph. Intrepid explorers might tackle some of the extended walks, and possibly capture better images. But that would involve some serious climbing over slippery and rugged terrain. You can make your own decisions about that, as always!