Some days, we receive feedback that makes us very happy. Today is one such day. On many occasions, we’ve held giveaways as a way to promote the business owners we write about. You may remember the very popular prize cakes we offered a while back… cupcakes from Nicki at 4 Little Piggies in Devonport. The whole scenario evolved when Nicki was nominated during our Great Tasmanian Cupcake Challenge.

Prize Cakes - Cupcake Giveaway, 4 Little Piggies

Prize cakes (photo supplied)

Prize Cakes: Winning Think Tasmania Giveaway

Eventually the prize cakes offered by Nicki were won by Joan; declared the winner following a random draw on Valentine’s Day. Joan sent us this lovely message when she was contacted about her win…

I am SO excited. I’ve only been a resident on this special island of Tasmania for four months, so it is a fantastic way to celebrate. So excited to win something… and not just anything, but some handmade Tassie product. Keep up your good work with highlighting Tasmania. I am an avid reader of your newsletter ~ Joan

Not only did Joan express her excitement at winning the prize cakes, she also contacted us again today with this fantastic letter.

Hi Tania

Last weekend, after happily chatting with Nicki from 4 Little Piggies to organise a pick-up time, we took a leisurely drive out to Devonport, and called in at Ambleside to pick up our winnings: the 12 cupcake prize. Nicki was waiting for us and had our cakes well packaged in a travel box. She took some photos before-hand of the cakes, and I have a photo of the two of us at the hand-over for you. Then we headed back home with our ‘loot’.

Prize Cakes - Joan and Nicki

Joan and Nicki (photo supplied)

I have to admit that two of the cakes didn’t make the distance! We stopped near Latrobe and sampled… oh yes, heavenly morsels indeed. With butter cream dripping from our fingers, we cleaned up with the water we always carry on board, and continued on our way. A quick phone call to friends we would pass on our way home found them already out and about, so the remaining 10 cakes arrived safely back to Launceston.

Over the next two days we devoured them all… three different flavoured cakes matching the dreamy, delicate toppings of creamy boysenberry, delicate lemon/lime, and what turned out to be my favourite though left till last – a scrumptious chocolate cake (and I’m a very fussy chocolate tragic, and this mix was delicious). Covered in chocolate frosting and packed with hundreds and thousands.

Prize Cakes - Think Tasmania Giveaway

4 Little Piggies cupcakes (photo supplied)

What a wonderful surprise prize. We’ll be back to purchase more during the year, for special celebrations we are now planning as an excuse to go back to Nicki and her 4 Little Piggies cupcakes.

Cheers Joan

Now if that doesn’t make you keen to try your own version of the prize cakes from 4 Little Piggies… nothing will. Thanks so much to Joan for the note. We love to hear from our readers anytime, but with such beautiful feedback, we’re absolutely stoked.

Any Tasmanian business owners are able to get involved with similar promotion by Think Tasmania. It’s certainly a great way to generate new fans. If you have a product or service you’d like to offer as a Think Tasmania giveaway, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us.

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