Following our Best in Tassie Pub Challenge, we thought we’d give a very brief mention to the Pub in the Paddock. It’s quirky (but in a good way); it’s interesting AND we have these great photos to share from Dan Fellow.

Pub in the Paddock - Pyengana Tasmania

Pub in the Paddock (photo by Dan Fellow)

Pub in the Paddock: North East Tasmania

photos by Dan Fellow

We paid the Pub in the Paddock a visit when we stayed in St Helens during our first ever Tasmanian holiday. Only 30kms inland from the popular coastal township of St Helens on the north east coast of Tasmania, the pub stands alone in a paddock, as the name would suggest.

It’s to be found nestled between neighbouring tourist attractions, the Pyengana Dairy and St Columba Falls in Pyengana, in the valley of the South George River. The food was standard pub tucker, the drinks were cold and the service was friendly. The property also provides budget accommodation, but we didn’t stay there. And there’s nothing too quirky in any of that, you could say.

Pub in the Paddock - St Columba Falls Hotel

St Columba Falls Hotel (photo by Dan Fellow)

Pub in the Paddock - Hotel

North east Tasmania (photo by Dan Fellow)

Pub in the Paddock - Bar

The Pub in the Paddock (photo by Dan Fellow)

Priscilla the Princess and Pinky the Pig

However, besides the rural location, the pub has one other big draw-card. A pig! Priscilla was indeed the Princess of the paddock when we visited. Like most tourists, we bought the stubbie of beer from the bar, a special blend specifically made for the pig, and duly shared a drink with the porker. Business mentors spruiking unique selling points would be proud of that effort.

Pub in the Paddock - Priscilla Pig

Priscilla the Pig (photo by Dan Fellow)

Pub in the Paddock - Pig

Pinky: Pub in the Paddock (photo by Dan Fellow)

Anyway, Priscilla has since gone to the mud-sty in the sky, and has been replaced by another beer-swilling pig named Pinky. Apparently the Pub in the Paddock is for sale and a cool $800K will have you ensconced as bartender if you so desire.

Pub in the Paddock - Pigs

Welcome: The Pub in the Paddock (photo by Dan Fellow)

You’ll find the Pub in the Paddock (also known as the St Columba Falls Hotel) on St Columba Falls Road in Pyengana. Phone (03) 6373 6121.

Map: Pub in the Paddock, Tasmania…

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