What makes a good Tasmanian pub? Is it the location, the food, the atmosphere… or does a cold beer cover the entire list of essential requirements? We thought we’d tackle another Best in Tassie Challenge via Facebook, and here’s the results.

Pub - Best in Tassie Challenge

What makes a good pub in Tassie?

Best Pub in Tassie: What’s Your Pick?

Here’s the question we posed on our Facebook page…

We think there’s some great pubs in Tassie. Would you agree? If we asked you to nominate your favourite, what would you say? And you should be aware, we’re very likely to write another “Best in Tassie Challenge” article quoting your answers.

The post was accompanied by a picture of the pub in down-town Weldborough, a very pleasant place in the heart of north east Tasmania. We answered many questions about the photo, and we hope all those readers have since enjoyed the hospitality of business owners Mark and Felicity Montgomery. They certainly made us feel welcome when we paid them a visit for Think Tasmania.

Pub - Weldborough Hotel

Weldborough pub: north east Tasmania

Best Pub in Tassie Challenge

Besides the feedback about the photo of the Weldborough Pub, there were also lots of comments that didn’t address the specific question. So we’ve eliminated all the extra jargon. Anyone was welcome to leave a message on our page, and here’s a list of all the relevant responses we received…

Brenda ~ Grape

Angeline ~ Sheffield Pub: great food, family friendly, can cater for allergies, helpful staff, pool table, jukebox, special events including music

Katrin ~ Rosevears Waterfront Tavern

Mick ~ Longley International

Garry ~ Stanley Hotel Tasmania and The Pub in the Paddock

Anthony ~ Franklin Tavern

Chrisi ~ Pontville in Hobart

Dianne ~ Elimatta for the view… meals aren’t bad either

Deb ~ Mole Creek. Excellent service – great little pub

Steve ~ I’d like to say the Dover Hotel as it has the best view in the world… (+ personal opinions about improvements the Dover Hotel could make)

Julie ~ Hotel Bruny. Southernmost Pub in Australia. Great food, great service, great company. Hub of my lifestyle, fun place to be

Katherine ~ Fern Tree Tavern…!!!

Maree ~ Shipwright’s Arms Hotel

Pub - Shipwright's Arms Hotel

Shipwright’s Arms Hotel, Battery Point (photo by Roger Findlay)

Expert Opinion: Think Tasmania Pub Aficionado

Roger Findlay feels well-placed to judge a good pub. “I think you might be struggling to find a few that I haven’t frequented. I think I’ve covered the best two and the other (Gunners Arms) got burnt down. Bring them on” he challenged. With 765 articles published by a great team of contributors, it’s sometimes hard to remember every story precisely. But the “best two” pubs he’s referring to would perhaps be the Royal Oak in Launceston and the pub known as Shippies in Battery Point.

Pub - Royal Oak Hotel, Launceston

Royal Oak Hotel, Launceston Tasmania (photo by Roger Findlay)

Roger obviously has a very long list of places he’d recommend. When he can bring a conversation about breakfast around to an early-morning meeting at the pub, you know he’s dedicated to the cause.

These are the other establishments Roger mentioned in various comments during this mission to name the best pub in Tassie

Pub - Whitemark Hotel, Flinders Island

Pub: Whitemark, Flinders Island (photo by Roger Findlay)

Carol Haberle wrote a wonderful article about Tyenna Valley in the south west of Tasmania. During her visit to the region, she was welcomed by the good folks at the National Park Hotel and given a guided tour of the property.

Pub - National Park Hotel, Tyenna Valley

National Park Hotel, Tyenna Valley (photos by Carol Haberle)

In an article detailing several things to to in Stanley, Janette Bishop from Beachside Retreat West Inlet wrote “the award-winning Stanley Hotel does an excellent counter meal.” We also published a story called Dunalley Hotel: the Pub on the Hill about our dining experience therein. Of course, the Hotel Grand Chancellor in Launceston would rarely be called a pub, but we’ve written about our experience with meals and accommodation there too!

Pub - Hotel Grand Chancellor Launceston

Hotel Grand Chancellor, Launceston

Likewise, the Lilydale Tavern Bakery Cafe. And we stopped at the Lufra Hotel at Eaglehawk Neck on our Tassie Comeback Tour of the Tasman Peninsula. Michelle has stayed at the Ikon Hotel in Burnie on behalf of Think Tasmania, and the Waratah pub has also been mentioned, more than once. The Empire Hotel in Queenstown; the Wilderness Hotel in Derwent Bridge… somebody stop me!

Pub - Lufra Hotel

Lufra Hotel: Eaglehawk Neck

Think Tasmania: Pub Crawl

It’s dangerous to generate a pub-crawl list from articles we’ve published via Think Tasmania in case we inadvertently forget someone. But if we’ve written about the pub, it’s good. We wouldn’t have mentioned it otherwise.

And that’s it for the Best in Tassie Challenge to find a favourite pub. As always, you’re welcome to leave your own expert opinions in the comments section below. It’s free and easy to do that you know; and we welcome reader feedback.

All relevant and reasonable opinions are welcome in Think Tasmania discussions. The submission of topic ideas for future Best in Tassie Challenges from readers and interested parties will also be considered.

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