If you want great views over a town, it makes sense to seek out a lofty vantage point. That’s exactly what we did in New Norfolk, when we drove up to Pulpit Rock Lookout. You may’ve already seen images from this location, including several we’ve posted ourselves via social media, but we thought we’d give you a few tips about getting there… so you can snap your own holiday shots!

Pulpit Rock Lookout - Boyer Road

Boyer Road runs alongside River Derwent

New Norfolk: Pulpit Rock Lookout

If you know where to start, it’s not difficult to find Pulpit Rock Lookout. We drove from the eastern shore of Hobart along the East Derwent Highway via Lindisfarne and Old Beach to Bridgewater. Staying on the northern side of the Derwent River, we took Boyer Road to the edge of the New Norfolk township.

As we were approaching the town, and before we arrived at the main bridge crossing the Derwent, we noticed a sign to our right for Pulpit Rock Road. True to form, we missed the turn-off first time around, but we eventually negotiated the corner and took the road over the railway track and headed on up to the lookout.

Pulpit Rock Lookout - Bridge

Main bridge: Derwent River, New Norfolk

Pulpit Rock Road: Narrow, Gravel Track

The road is gravel, so that may be an issue for the hire car companies. It’s also very narrow; we were  forced to pull over to the side to allow an oncoming vehicle to squeak past. A signpost marks the way to Pulpit Rock Lookout, and a large area provides safe parking for vehicles just a very short distance from the lookout itself.

Pulpit Rock Lookout - Gravel Road

Pulpit Rock Road: narrow gravel track

Pulpit Rock Lookout - Sign

Pulpit Rock loop road sign

Pulpit Rock Lookout - Think Tasmania

Think Tasmania: parked safely, Pulpit Rock Lookout

A rather rickety-looking metal fence divides the people from the steep, tree-lined cliff-plunge. That may be a tad melodramatic (I am a renowned Nervous Nelly) but I still think compulsory hand-holding of youngsters would be an exceptionally good idea. Otherwise Pulpit Rock Lookout is all good. The views in both directions are stunning and a visit is well worth including in a Derwent Valley day-trip or holiday itinerary.

Pulpit Rock Lookout - Views

Stunning views: Pulpit Rock Lookout to New Norfolk

Pulpit Rock Lookout - Derwent River

Autumn colours: River Derwent, New Norfolk

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While we were in New Norfolk on this occasion, we also took the scenic walking track via Tynwald Park. We mapped out our journey from Pulpit Rock Lookout actually, as several tracks were easily visible with the height advantage. We do have more photos to share of that experience one day. Of course!

Pulpit Rock Lookout - Walking Tracks

Scenic walking tracks visible from Pulpit Rock Lookout

Next time we venture to the Derwent Valley, we’ll endeavour to find Peppermint Hill Lookout, which apparently offers more stunning views of the town. I think we may have actually been there once before, many years ago, but my memory has failed me just for the minute.

Speaking of next time though, we’ll need to leave Coco at home (she will be most indignant at that news!) so we can visit the Power Family at Waterfalls Cafe in Mount Field National Park. Sally from Herbaceous Tours also recommends a visit to Redlands Estate for a little whisky tasting. The Salmon Ponds are practically next door to Redlands, so that’s on the cards too. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again… there’s always so many things to do in New Norfolk and the greater Derwent Valley region.

Pulpit Rock Lookout - New Norfolk

Views: New Norfolk from Pulpit Rock Lookout

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Map: Pulpit Rock Lookout, New Norfolk

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