Putt and Play. Sounds like fun. Looks like fun. Turns out… it is one of the fun things to do in Tasmania!

Putt and Play - Cambridge

Barilla Putt and Play mini golf: Cambridge, Tasmania

Thank Heavens for Putt and Play!

Things happen for strange reasons sometimes. On a Tasmanian public holiday, the juniors were a bit peeved when an early morning dispatch drive to the Hobart Airport interrupted their sleep-in. So I encouraged (bribed) them by promising a visit to the rock climbing wall.

But we’d been to the airport and arrived at Cambridge before the Anaconda adventure store was even open. No wonder the kids were a bit snippy! So we had to find another interim activity in Cambridge… and fast!

Barilla Holiday Park, Cambridge

Putt and Play is part of the Barilla Holiday Park located near Richmond, the heritage village in the heart of the Coal River Valley’s wine region. The Tasmanian mini golf centre is well-maintained and has a variety of obstacles and hazards around the picturesque 19-hole course.

Putt and Play - Mini Golf Course

Putt and Play: picturesque 19-hole mini golf

Obviously designed to challenge all skill levels, Putt and Play has three options for difficulty. Beginners can compete in the same game alongside experienced mini golf campaigners! And for those suffering from a little too much frustration during the round, there’s even a punching bag on Heartbreak Hill.

This family attraction is only 10 minutes from Hobart over the Tasman Bridge and offers an affordable way to enjoy some outdoor action. For $8-00 per child, the fun (or frustration!) lasts about an hour.

Sinking the Boot in at Putt and Play!

To enjoy the most from any mini-golf experience, players must obediently follow instructions to the letter. One of the signs states…

  • swing boot before putting
  • hold boot while retrieving ball

While I figured it was an extra challenge intended for the mini-golfer, it turns out that one of the obstacle props was missing its boot. The log swinging above the hole usually has a rubber boot attached. I really hope there wasn’t anyone recording my diligent boot-swinging efforts with a video camera!

After our round of mini golf at Putt and Play, we knocked over the rock-wall and did a little shopping at the Cambridge Homemaker Centre. Then we drove the extra 10 minutes to Tassie’s Seven Mile Beach. Who knows, after a few more rounds of mini golf, we might decide to take the sport to a whole new level and tackle the Llanherne Club Unique Golf Links Course for real golfers!

Putt and Play - Richmond Road, Cambridge

Find Putt and Play: Richmond Road, Cambridge Tasmania

Barilla Putt and Play at Cambridge Tasmania is open 9am to dusk, seven days a week. Visit the Putt and Play website for more information.

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