We’re back from Queenstown. After such an epic adventure, we’re slowly wading through our huge collection of photos and drafting articles about the entire experience to share with Think Tasmania readers. Goodness, there’s a lot to tell.

Queenstown Tasmania - West Coast Wilderness Railway

Divine experience: West Coast Wilderness Railway

Best Laid Plans for Queenstown Tasmania

Before we set off, we promised loads of social media sharing from the road trip to Queenstown. Those who follow us probably noticed a distinct west-coast flavour to the photos we did manage to post. However, the grand plan for mega-coverage was slightly flawed, for two main reasons. Firstly, Internet coverage in World Heritage-listed wilderness zones and deep underground is limited, to say the least. Secondly, we were so engrossed in our tours, we just banked most of the photos for later use anyway.

Besides the articles we plan to write, we’ll trot out additional images occasionally as a reminder of our visit. We have enough pictures to cover Instagram posts for the next fortnight, purely featuring the drive from Hobart to Queenstown. Yes, that’s BEFORE we’d even arrived at the main destination for this feature series!

Queenstown Tasmania - Drive from Hobart

Windsor Corner via New Norfolk: Hobart to Queenstown

There’s just so much to see and do. You could say we’re Queenstown converts, and we’ll be advising readers to stay around and look in-depth at the attractions. A long weekend, seriously, was not enough time for us to visit everything. We missed the Landscape Art Research Queenstown [LARQ], a studio gallery featuring the work of internationally renown Raymond Arnold, an Australian artist and printmaker. We would’ve also liked to visit the Galley Museum housed in the original Imperial Hotel (circa 1897). Plus there’s several eateries in town, including Smelters Restaurant, Maloney’s Restaurant and Tracks Cafe in the West Coast Wilderness Railway train station. Apparently a shop sells soap made locally from goat’s milk… missed that too! Not to mention all the time we could’ve spent lolling in the gorgeous, deep bath in our ensuite at Mt Lyell Anchorage.

Queenstown Tasmania - Sunset

Colours of sunset: Queenstown Tasmania

About the Main Attraction

That’s enough about what we missed though. Let’s talk about what we did experience. You can expect individual stories featuring these topics…

No wonder we’re so exhausted (in a good way!). It’s taking forever to sort through the photos and information we’ve gathered. With any luck, we’ll have a few professional photos to share too, courtesy of graphic designer Lea Crosswell. Also on board with Queenstown Heritage Tours, Lea is currently based in Queenstown and has done loads of stunning work for a range of Tasmanian business owners across the state.

Queenstown Tasmania - Mt Lyell Anchorage B&B

B&B accommodation: Mt Lyell Anchorage

We love this sort of FAMIL visit so we can provide first-hand information. Before we’d left the Queenstown vicinity, a reader asked if we knew of any Hydro tours in Tasmania. We kid you not. Bingo! We knew exactly where to direct that gentleman. Another couple asked our opinion about the West Coast Wilderness Railway before we’d even left the station! We could confidently answer their questions and waved them merrily off to the booking office.

So… if you don’t want to read constant updates from our recent trip, look away now. You may think we should focus more on a different region of Tassie (and those who do will no doubt say as much). But feature series like these are the just reward for hosts extending their hospitality to Think Tasmania. Of course (as always) we’ll still be sharing content for our members, sponsors and social media clients. That’s a given. Otherwise… it will be Queenstown all the way!

Queenstown Tasmania - West Coast

Queenstown Tasmania

But Wait… There’s More!

Sadly, the west coast has had a bit of a rough patch lately. It’s been said the region needs a few entrepreneurs to lob in. Apparently the place needs new tourism ventures to boost the local mining-based economy and generate excitement. Well we met a couple of real go-getters on our trip. They already live locally and have some ambitious and distinctive ideas for their beloved Queenstown. We’ll be watching with great interest as their plans develop. And you should too!

Queenstown Tasmania - Iron Blow

Iron Blow Lookout to Lake Burbury

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