Innes and Nicole Pearce own and operate Hawthorn Villa Stables, a small accommodation business at Carrick. This weekend they will be hosting an event called Quilts in the Garden to raise money for the MS Society of Tasmania. We’ve only just learned about the event, so we’ve made a snap decision this morning to juggle our publishing schedule a bit, and tell you all about it.

Quilts in the Garden - Carrick via Launceston

Hawthorn Villa Stables (photos supplied)

Quilts in the Garden: MS Society Charity

There will be about 40 gorgeous quilts made by the Devon Patchworkers & Quilters group placed around the lovely gardens at Hawthorn Villa. Supporters of this great cause will be able to appreciate the quilts in the garden as well as an open air cafe, and plants will be offered for sale.

Quilts in the Garden - Devon Patchworkers & Quilters

Hawthorn Villa Stables (photo supplied)

Innes, Nicole and the quilting group have chosen this particular charity because one of the quilting ladies is restricted to a wheelchair with MS. Entry to the event is just $6:00 per adult, and a fabulous quilt will be raffled on the Sunday at 4:00pm, along with a box topiary as 2nd prize to raise additional funds (see below).

Quilts in the Garden - Raffle

Prize quilt (photo supplied)

Be There or Be Square

You might wonder why we’re sharing all this with you. As you know, our ethos at Think Tasmania revolves around gaining first-hand experience of a place before publishing any stories. Anyone can paraphrase a brochure or a press release, but our material is always unique.

Quilts in the Garden - Fundraising

Hawthorn Villa Stables (photo supplied)

However, in this case, it’s obvious that we haven’t actually been to Quilts in the Garden yet… it doesn’t even happen until this weekend! The photos have been supplied by Nicole and were taken during the open garden at Hawthorn Villa Stables last year, along with the photo of the raffle prizes. But we did want you to know about this event because as always, we’re keen to support a worthwhile charity.

Quilts in the Garden - MS Society

Hawthorn Villa Stables (photo supplied)

Hawthorn Villa Stables, Carrick

Nicole and Innes have told us their business could do with a boost and that they’re really a little hidden gem just out of Launceston. They’re also avid followers of Think Tasmania via Facebook and love reading our informative articles. How could we ignore all of those factors… we were made for each other! And of course, it didn’t hurt that Nicole supplied some spectacular images, and we’re suckers for a pretty photo.

Quilts in the Garden - Hawthorn Villa Stables

Hawthorn Villa Stables (photo supplied)

So one of our great team will be heading along at some stage in the future to Carrick in northern Tasmania to find out more about the Hawthorn Villa Stables accommodation property so we can write up a report for our readers.

Quilts in the Garden - Tasmania

Hawthorn Villa Stables (photo supplied)

Of course, we’d also be happy to publish any photos taken this weekend by other Think Tasmania followers or contributors who are able to attend the event. As well as supporting a wonderful cause, it sounds like one of the many very pleasant things to do in Tasmania.

Quilts in the Garden - Carrick Tasmania

Hawthorn Villa Stables (photo supplied)

For more information about Quilts in the Garden, contact Innes and Nicole Pearce at Hawthorn Villa Stables on 0427 936 150 or (03) 6393 6150. You can also follow Hawthorn Villa Stables on Facebook. Find Hawthorn Villa Stables at 1 Church Street in Carrick, Tasmania.

Map: Quilts in the Garden, Carrick Tasmania…

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