Great news for everyone following the progress of our Franklin River Rafting expedition… our guest reporter has arrived in Hobart. Tasmania has rolled out the welcome mat by turning on the most perfect day. And there’s currently a pre-trip meeting in progress with Elias and Franzi at the Astor Hotel in Macquarie Street.

Rafting Expedition - Astor Hotel

Kerrie Dodson: Astor Hotel (photo supplied)

Rafting Expedition: Welcome to Hobart

Now would be a great time to introduce Kerrie Dodson as our guest reporter. Kerrie is a primary school teacher who lives in Kaniva, Victoria with husband Chris and two beautiful children. They own Dodsons Electrical Timber and Hardware store in Commercial Street and enjoy an active, sporty lifestyle in their local community.

Kerrie is an accomplished bush-walker and camper; is keen on outdoor activities and takes a great photo. Fortunately, Kerrie is on leave from her normal job, so she was able to enjoy this experience on behalf of Think Tasmania. And of course, will write an article to share with all our readers about her rafting expedition as well.

The communication from Elias and Franzi about the rafting expedition has been great. Kerrie had no doubts about what she needed to bring… and what she needed to leave at home! In fact, there’s a list provided on the Franklin River Rafting website for anyone thinking about their own trip. Kerrie laid out her belongings, ticked off her list and stowed them away in her backpack ready to go.

Rafting Expedition - Kerrie Dodson for Think Tasmania

Kerrie Dodson: rafting expedition (photo supplied)

Elias and Franzi: Equipment and Safety

Some of the items on the list for the rafting expedition are optional. A tent for instance, is something you can choose to pack if you wish. Elias and Franzi use the best equipment possible to store and transport everything safely and keep it dry throughout. They also provide all food along the journey, so at the end of a day’s paddling you can expect delicious meals.

Rafting Expedition - Tent

Kerrie Dodson: rafting expedition (photo supplied)

The location of the Astor Hotel in Macquarie Street is significant for those about to embark on a 10-day rafting expedition. If you arrive in Hobart and realise you’ve forgotten something vital… Elias and Franzi can direct you to the appropriate shops in town to make last-minute purchases.

It’s not unusual for groups to book a Franklin River Rafting expedition. The celebration of milestones; work functions or sporting trips are catered for. Our intrepid reporter, however, is a lone traveller. But she’s now met her guides for an equipment check and been reassured regarding any final questions.

Rafting Expedition - Pre-Trip Meeting

Kerrie with Elias: Franklin River Rafting (photo supplied)

Tasmanian Wilderness Rafting Expedition

Of course, Kerrie will also meet those who will be sharing her unbelievable journey into the Tasmanian wilderness. We thank them for allowing Think Tasmania to share this occasion with the rest of the world. We wish you the best time on your exciting rafting expedition, and we look forward to hearing all about it soon.

19 March 2013 ~ You can now read all about Kerrie’s adventure, and check out the fabulous photos too!

The 10 Day Frenchmans Cap Wilderness and Whitewater Rafting Expedition departs from Hobart. For more details contact Elias and Franzi by email, visit the Franklin River Rafting website or phone 0422 642 190. You can also follow Franklin River Rafting on Facebook or Twitter.

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Map: Astor Hotel, Hobart Tasmania

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