Franklin River Rafting is a small owner-operated adventure company running high quality multi-day rafting expeditions on the Franklin River. Owners Franzi and Elias invited Think Tasmania to join them on tour when they had seats available. We said yes!

Rafting - Franzi & Elias

Franzi and Elias: Franklin River Rafting (photo supplied)

Rafting: Think Tasmanian Adventure

That’s how we met the owners of Franklin River Rafting. In record time, we’ve enlisted the help of a special reporter from interstate who is perfect for the assignment. Adventurous, loves the outdoors, handy with a camera and able to string a few words together. And more importantly, just happened to be on leave from work with ten days to spare at the precise moment we needed someone. Given the subject matter, we’re really excited at the prospect of sharing this experience with everyone.

Since that initial introduction, I’ve spent some time chatting with Elias. He’s a Tassie boy who clearly loves the Tasmanian wilderness. Following a TAFE course back in 2003, Elias and his mates embarked on a private rafting expedition and tackled the Franklin River. He realises now they were totally unprepared; but they had the trip of a lifetime. It was the beginning of a lasting love affair with the local environment; an amazing world on his own doorstep.

Rafting - Elias & Friends

Rafting the Franklin River: summer 2003 (photo supplied)

Elias and Franzi: Passion for Rafting

From that very first trip, Elias knew rafting would always play a significant part in his life. He set out to forge a career sparked by that passion. With study and ten years of experience under his belt, and with fellow guide and wife Franzi, Elias launched Franklin River Rafting this summer.

Rafting - Elias & Crew

Elias and crew about to run the Faucet (photo supplied)

Knowing he’s travelled extensively and experienced other rafting adventures, I asked Elias why he chose the Franklin River as a base. He is convinced the Franklin-Gordon Wild Rivers National Park is the most unique place in the world. It’s so remote, requiring a high level of self-reliance, with challenges every step of the way; it’s engaging and encompasses a variety of spectacular scenery, he says. Elias assures me he’s well known for extolling the virtues of the region!

Extreme Adventure: Rafting in Tasmania

Adventure seekers undertaking a rafting experience with Elias and Franzi must feel reassured by their attention to detail. Elias describes himself as a perfectionist, which is probably comforting for our writer to hear! As a small company, they guarantee a professional guide in each boat with personal attention every step of the way. Always travelling in pairs for safety… two boats, two guides, regardless of client numbers.

Rafting - Franklin River

Franklin River Rafting (photo supplied)

Elias met Franzi in Norway where they were both working as guides. They still return to Scandinavia five months of each year, working there during our winter. But it’s the Franklin River they love the most, and they’re eternally grateful for a little campaign about 30 years ago, that saved the place they now share with the rest of the world.

Photos for this article were supplied to Think Tasmania by Franklin River Rafting.

Elias and Franzi work closely with Tasmanian wilderness landscape photographer, Wolfgang Glowacki. Visit his website for more information and images, or follow Wolfgang Glowacki on Facebook.

The Franklin River in Tasmania – Australia.comPhoto: Wolfgang Glowacki

Posted by Franklin River Rafting on Sunday, September 27, 2015

Photo: Wolfgang Glowacki

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The 10 Day Whitewater Rafting and Frenchmans Cap Wilderness Expedition departs Hobart 22 February. There are still places available if you’d like to join Elias and Franzi on this tour, or start planning now for your own adventure. Visit the Franklin River Rafting website for details or phone 0422 642 190. You can also follow Franklin River Rafting on Facebook or Twitter.

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