We’ve been sharing lots of photos via social media lately, many of them featuring snow. And wombats. But mainly snow. Winter in Tasmania is just so beautiful; we always love this time of year. It makes for such magical scenery, with the landscape covered in a layer of white icing. That said, we did promise our readers more rainbow photos, and we don’t want to disappoint all the fans of this very popular series.

Rainbow Photos - Hobart

Beautiful rainbow: common sight, Tasmania

Rainbow Photos - Hobart's Eastern Shore

Pot of gold: Hobart’s Eastern Shore

Rainbow Photos - Derwent River

Rainbow photos: Tasmanian attraction

Rainbow Photos - Derwent River, Hobart

Rainbow over Derwent River: Hobart Tasmania

A huge thank-you to all who’ve contributed rainbow photos this time around. We value and appreciate your participation in Think Tasmania’s wonderful community of supporters.

As we said last time we published a collection of rainbow photos, we encourage readers to submit their fabulous images to share with everyone. Just contact Think Tasmania with the image along with details of the image’s location and the photographer for credit, and we’ll make it happen. It may not happen overnight (because these things do take time to organise) but it will happen!

Rainbow Photos from Fans of Tasmania

As a developer of smart phone apps, it stands to reason that Gavin Horne always has his mobile phone camera at the ready. He’s snapped some interesting images for Think Tasmania over the journey, and has a good eye for detail.

Rainbow Photos - Hobart City

Rainbow photos: Hobart CBD

Donna Griggs is inspired by her surroundings to create beautiful hand-made items for Seaside Expressions Jewellery. And what great inspiration is Tasmania, when you can capture rainbow photos from your home like this one taken in Dodges Ferry.

Rainbow Photos - Dodges Ferry

Dodges Ferry rainbow (photo by Donna Griggs)

Michelle Kneipp Pegler is handy with a camera, there’s no doubt about that. Her Facebook page is filled with wonderful images. Follow Uncover Tasmania Guided Tours to discover delightful places to enjoy and experience in Tassie. Michelle’s contribution to our rainbow photos shows off Gunns Plains in a particularly good light.

Rainbow Photos - Gunns Plains

Gunns Plains (photo by Michelle Kneipp Pegler)

Karin Adams noticed a full rainbow that was so big, she needed two photos to capture it all. The images were expertly joined for Karin by UTAS photography PHD Julien Scheffer. The rainbow photos were taken at 8:00am from Karin’s farmhouse at Allens Rivulet.

Rainbow Photos - Allens Rivulet

Allens Rivulet (photo by Karin Adams)

Experienced Tasmanian tour guide, Howard Smith captured a double rainbow in a single photo. The image was taken at Lower Wilmot, just one of many regions in Tasmania to be explored with Cradle Coast Tours. Howard also shares many of his adventures via Facebook and welcomes new followers.

Rainbow Photos - Lower Wilmot

Lower Wilmot (photo by Howard Smith)