Don’t know whether you have already done this or not, we were talking about our amazing rainbows and how a lot of countries don’t have them anymore. How about showcasing some photos??? ~ Kerry Howlett

Rainbow - North Hobart

Rainbow collection: North Hobart (photo by Kerry Howlett)

We immediately thought this a wonderful suggestion…thanks Kerry. We called for contributions from our social media community. Here’s a few entries just to get the party started, including the image we shared on Facebook with Kerry’s suggestion.

If you have a rainbow photo you’d like to see appear (like magic!) in this article, send the image to Think Tasmania. It does take some time to organise the publishing, but we’ll do our level best to keep the ball rolling.

Rainbow - Derwent River

Rainbow: Derwent River, Tasmania

Tasmania Does a Great Rainbow

Someday we’ll find it
The Rainbow Connection
The lovers, the dreamers and me
~ Kermit the Frog

During one of our Sunday drives from Hobart to the Derwent Valley, we had a little sprinkle of rain on the homeward journey. And we all know what that means… potential for a rainbow!!

Drive to the Derwent Valley - Rainbow

Derwent Valley: beautiful full-arc rainbow

The Blue Tier in North East Tasmania is a stunning forest reserve. There’s only one thing you could add to the picturesque scenery to make it even more perfect. Yep, a rainbow! And that’s exactly what Felicity Montgomery from the Weldborough Hotel captured with her camera. Thankfully, she shared her picture with us.

Rainbow - Weldborough, Blue Tier

The Blue Tier, Weldborough (photo by Felicity Montgomery)

Some of you may be familiar with the Facebook page: Flying in Tasmania with Peter Reed and Gill Quinn. The duo from Skyflyte Flying School based at the Wynyard Aeroclub in north west Tasmania have contributed this beauty, a double rainbow snapped from their property in Sunnyside. What an appropriate place name for this image!

Rainbow - Sunnyside

Double rainbow: Sunnyside (photo by Peter Reed and Gill Quinn)

Rainbow Trio from Gary Tew

Gary Tew must’ve had a great deal of trouble choosing which rainbow photos to submit to Think Tasmania. He’s got lots of Tassie photos! He describes himself as being “a passionate Tasmanian” from way back. Gary hosts several online photography groups specifically about Tasmania, including a Facebook page with many scenic Tassie shots. This photo will surely inspire an in-depth browse of Gary’s other images.

Rainbow - Judbury

Glen Huon Road near Judbury (photo by Gary Tew)

More Rainbows to Come…

While we organise further contributions, here’s a few more rainbow shots from the archives of Think Tasmania.

Lake Mackintosh by Carol Haberle

Lake Mackintosh - Rainbow Moods

Rainbow over Lake Mackintosh (photo by Carol Haberle)

The Nut in Stanley by Dan Fellow

Things to Do in Stanley - The Nut

Rainbow: Stanley, The Nut (photo by Dan Fellow)

Views over Hobart from Mount Wellington by Sofia na Australia

Sofia - Hobart Rainbow

Mt Wellington: Hobart Tasmania (photo by Sofia na Australia)

A rainbow we snapped during our first-ever visit to the Hobart waterfront. No wonder the Tasmanian city captured our hearts and minds!

Rainbow - Hobart Waterfront

Rainbow over the Hobart waterfront