We had a fabulous caffeine-inspired experience at Raincheck Lounge in North Hobart last weekend. They didn’t have any peanut butter and chocolate cookies left, so that saved us quite a few calories. But the drinks were good, the dining room was good, and the service was good. So we could then say… all good.

Raincheck Lounge - Hot Chocolate and Coffee

Raincheck Lounge: hot chocolate, long macchiato

But here’s a burning question: where else can you buy really good coffee in Hobart at about 4:00pm? Bonus points if you can name somewhere that’s open on weekends.

We must be the opposite of the norm. We don’t want to buy coffee at 7:00am. We want to go out for our caffeine fix in the afternoon. We like afternoon tea!

Love A Good Coffee Shop

More often than not, we’ll be faced with closed doors on the coffee shop of choice, because we’re too late. Do you not make enough money from coffee alone to stay open in the afternoons?

Raincheck Lounge - North Hobart

Quirky street art: North Hobart

We understand. Staff have been on their feet all day long and deserve a hard-earned rest. We’ve been there, done that. We owned our own coffee shop a gazillion years ago. And four o’clock could NOT come around quick enough some days. Most days, actually.

But the heart wants what the heart wants.

Dessert - Coffee and Hot Chocolate

Coffee and hot chocolate: Honey Badger Hobart


These days, many a restaurant in Hobart serves good-quality coffee. So if the restaurant happens to stay open between lunch and dinner service and the staff are happy to welcome customers for drinks-only… there’s one option.

Some places like Raincheck Lounge are a kind of “hybrid”: a cross between a genuine coffee shop and a full-on restaurant dubbed a cafe/bar/restaurant.

Raincheck Lounge - Bright Eyes Espresso, Brooke Street Pier

Bright Eyes Espresso: Brooke Street Pier

Here’s what we’d like to find: a ridgy-didge coffee shop with cupcakes and wagon wheels and vanilla slice. One that’s open all hours just to suit us! If you can point us in the right direction, please do.

Zeps - Vanilla Slice

Vanilla slice, good coffee: Zeps Campbell Town

Raincheck Lounge, North Hobart

Raincheck Lounge is located at 392 Elizabeth Street in North Hobart, opposite Vanidol’s. Phone (03) 6234 5975 for details or follow Raincheck Lounge on Facebook.

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