We are technically on holidays. But this morning someone tried to hack into our website… those blighters never rest, do they? We fired up the computers to check for any damage, but thankfully Gavin had the appropriate systems in place to repel their intrusion. The “pest” (to use a mild and printable term of reference) had failed in his (or her) miserable attempt to gain access. What a relief. While we were switched on though, we thought we’d post a few random photos from the festive season. Like this shot of an amazing shortbread Christmas tree made by The Crabtree Cookie Company.

Random Photos - Crabtree Cookie Company

Shortbread Christmas tree: Crabtree Cookie Company

Hello! Random Photos For You

Even though we’re having a break from routine, we still manage pages for our social media clients. We also like to respond to comments and questions via the website, just in case there’s any vital requests about our members. Some queries involve time restrictions and need immediate attention. And we must say… the search-engine traffic to Think Tasmania has been bizarre during our online absence. Obviously Tasmania is a hot topic well-and-truly, so thanks for your company everyone. Welcome!

While we have some extra spare time, we also like to meander around Tasmania looking for inspiration and having fun. Next week we’re even going to attempt some “live and spontaneous” social media postings. Talk about a totally wild experiment, yes? We normally schedule everything to the nth degree, making sure all necessary topics are covered sufficiently. Between the family’s statewide cricket and tennis commitments over the coming weeks, we’ll be on the lookout for interesting snippets to post. Immediately. On the spot. Adrenalin rush come at us!

Random Photos - White Beach

White Beach: gorgeous spot via Nubeena

The images shared here may give some indication of the articles you can expect when we return to full office-mode. Otherwise they’re just random photos… our way of saying “hello” during this stretch of leisure and recreation. And if we don’t touch base again before the New Year, have a great celebration.

We hope you’re having a lovely break from your daily grind too. May the weather be kind to you, wherever you may be in the world. And by all means, if you’re in Tasmania, feel free to share your own random photos with us. Cheers!

Sample of Festive Delights

As Tasmanians, we’re privileged to have access to cherries, direct from the grower at Christmas time. We’ve consumed a large quantity of said cherries this year, but we also scored some fresh tayberries, hand-picked by the farmer in Sandford and sold at his farm-gate the same day. Having never tried a tayberry before, we were pleasantly surprised by the find. Apparently a a cross between a blackberry and a red raspberry, the fruit was sweet and juicy. Yum! We’re definitely keen to uncover more local produce to feature.

Random Photos - Tayberries

Delicious new experience: farm gate tayberries

At the risk of revealing just how much food has been consumed in our house lately, here’s a shot of some chilli prawns. They’re not strictly a specialised Tasmanian seafood (we know!) but the prawns did make a nice addition to our festive table. Cooked up on the barbecue with some onion, chilli and lime… they were simple and divine.

Random Photos - Chilli Prawns

Special treat: BBQ chilli prawns

We were lucky enough to visit Port Arthur Lavender for the very first on-site distilling session. It was an exciting thing to witness, and the relatively new tourist attraction on the Tasman Peninsula is bound for great things.

Random Photos - Port Arthur Lavender

Port Arthur Lavender Farm

We know nothing about sailing, but always enjoy the arrival of the Sydney to Hobart yachts. It’s such a great spectacle, and marks the start of Tasmania’s summer festival season.

Random Photos - Sydney to Hobart

Sydney to Hobart yachts

Inspired by the Christmas Party held at Montacute Boutique Bunkhouse, we ventured to Dunalley and enjoyed a tipple and tasting at Bangor Wine and Oyster Shed.

Random Photos - Wine & Oysters

Bangor Wine & Oyster Shed: Dunalley

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