Accommodation at the Red Feather Inn: have you ever wondered what that’s like? In a word… special. Of course, that one word doesn’t shed much light on the subject. What can you really expect from the luxury, boutique property in Hadspen? Hopefully we can cast a glow with this article.

Red Feather Inn - Luxury Accommodation

Red Feather Inn: luxury accommodation, Hadspen Tasmania

Red Feather Inn: Retreat to Hadspen

If I were a bride-to-be, planning the perfect wedding, I would choose the Red Feather Inn as my venue. But that horse bolted long ago, so I’ll set my sights elsewhere. Maybe a marquee birthday or anniversary celebration? Whatever the reason, you can expect the exceptional when you book a room at this heritage accommodation establishment.

Red Feather Inn - Deluxe Accommodation

The Loft: Red Feather Inn

Originally built in 1842, Red Feather Inn was one of Tasmania’s first coaching inns, located only 12kms from Launceston.  As was popular during that time in the colony, renown Georgian architect John Sprunt used local sandstone and convict labour during construction.

Red Feather Inn - Heritage, Convict-Built Sandstone

Heritage convict-built property: Hadspen, Tasmania

Stylish and Elegant: French Provincial

The property has had a chequered history, but the once dilapidated collection of buildings was rescued by current owner, Lydia Nettlefold and transformed by autumn 2008 into the magnificent retreat it is today. Given Lydia’s lifelong passion for collecting, each suite is filled with gorgeous antiques. Predominantly decorated in French provincial style, Red Feather Inn offers guests a choice of five unique and private suites as well as the Watchhouse Cottage.

Red Feather Inn - French Provincial Style

Lydia Nettlefold: French provincial style, Red Feather Inn

Red Feather Inn - Lydia Nettlefold, Collection of Antiques

Lydia Nettlefold: decorated with antique collection

But please don’t be mistaken when I use the words “antique” and “heritage”. The place has a unique atmosphere and intriguing past, that’s true. But there’s no doubt Red Feather Inn is decked out with top-quality fittings. They’re not kidding when they claim to feature…

  • the ultimate in modern comforts
  • superior quality beds
  • state of the art free-standing baths
Red Feather Inn - Luxurious Ensuite Bathroom

Free-standing, deep bathtub

When I check in for my special celebration (you know, that one I’m now planning) I’m going to soak in the bath for hours. Those rubber ducks are so cute! And then I’m going to wander around the beautiful gardens; maybe have a glass of wine in the courtyard and dine on a gourmet meal prepared by head chef Tanya White.

Now that’s what I call a luxury retreat.

Red Feather Inn - Courtyard & Gardens

Courtyard: stunning gardens at Red Feather Inn

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Red Feather Inn - Dining Room

Red Feather Inn shared-table dining

Red Feather Inn - Dinner by Chef Tanya White

Magnificent dinner cooked by Tanya White

 For more information you can visit the Red Feather Inn website or call 6393 6506. Red Feather Inn also has a Facebook page. Think Tasmania visited as guests of Red Feather Inn.

Map: Red Feather Inn, Hadspen Tasmania…

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