We promised to share images from Dan Fellow’s collection dubbed Relics of the Past, and here they are! Tasmania has some of the best subjects for photographers, especially those interested in a combination of history and landscape.

Shack at Woodsdale

Shack at Woodsdale (photo by Dan Fellow)

Tasmanian Relics of the Past

photos by Dan Fellow

Good subjects don’t always equate to a good photo, we can attest to that. We love a Sunday drive, a chance to admire the scenery and absorb the fresh Tasmanian air. Of course, we notice similar relics to those Dan has captured, with the idyllic setting to match, and think… “that’d make a good photo”.

On a few occasions, we’ve been able to park safely and negotiate all obstacles to take what we imagine to be the world’s most stunning photograph ever! We ignore the inquisitive stares from passers-by, straining their necks to see what we see through our camera lens. And we pretend to know what we’re doing with angles, framing, lighting and the rest.

Ruins near Stanley

Ruins near Stanley (photo by Dan Fellow)

Roadside Farm Broadmarsh

Roadside Farm Broadmarsh (photo by Dan Fellow)

Palm Shack

Palm Shack (photo by Dan Fellow)

We Think We Can, But…

With great anticipation and expectation we download those same shots at home. Sigh. They always leave a lot to be desired when seen on the computer, despite the promise of the mobile phone’s screen preview.

Old Schoolhouse Tunbridge

Old Schoolhouse Tunbridge (photo by Dan Fellow)

Mount Roland Shack

Mount Roland Shack (photo by Dan Fellow)

Dry Weather Shack

Dry Weather Shack (photo by Dan Fellow)

Daffodil Hill House

Daffodil Hill House (photo by Dan Fellow)

Long Live Professional Photographers

Yes, this is a job for the professionals; long may they be gainfully employed in the art of photography. Our photographic relics are best left in the past where they belong. We’ll stick to holiday snaps only.

Blessington Shack

Blessington Shack (photo by Dan Fellow)

Blackwood Creek Springtime

Blackwood Creek Springtime (photo by Dan Fellow)

Oast House Hayes

Oast House Hayes (photo by Dan Fellow)

Gully Farm

Gully Farm (photo by Dan Fellow)

Dan Fellow has a wealth of shots like this collection of relics from the past. You’ll find more examples on the multimedia CD, Desktop Tasmania. We’ve used the name of each image in the caption. Should you wish to purchase a high-definition copy for your wall, contact Dan and quote the name of the image as a reference.