We’ve explored the attractions of Tasman Peninsula many times, of course. On one drive from Hobart though, we made our way to Remarkable Cave for the first time. It was certainly a hit with our international VIPs.

Remarkable Cave - Port Arthur

Port Arthur Tasmania: Remarkable Cave

Step Up to Remarkable Cave

One word of warning: we had to negotiate many, many stairs. And you know how much I love stairs! Cardio workout notwithstanding, the return trek to the viewing platform at the base of the cliff was rewarding.

Remarkable Cave - Tasmania

Exploring the Tasman Peninsula

Previous visitors had stacked rocks into creative formations, which we found quite amusing. Small things, you know!

Remarkable Cave - Tourist Attraction

Popular tourist attraction in Tasmania

Tasmanian Cave for the Brave

Some brave souls had climbed over the railing to access the beach and then ventured inside Remarkable Cave. We didn’t see any signs banning that practice, but we thought there must’ve been a reason why the steps ended. So we didn’t go over. Maybe we’re just chicken!

Remarkable Cave - Tasmanian Adventure

Venturing inside Remarkable Cave

When we arrived, we secured the last space in what might be called a “compact” car park. Remarkable Cave (and indeed the entire Tasman Peninsula) was a popular place to be.

Remarkable Cave - Tasman Peninsula

Lookout views: Remarkable Cave, Tasmania

It’s little wonder really, with views like those from Maingon Bay Lookout (accessed via the Remarkable Cave car park).

Remarkable Cave is located at 46 Safety Cove Road, about 7km past Port Arthur Historic Site. Please do check Parks and Wildlife Tasmania for further details though, as the site was scheduled for a maintenance closure this year. Next time we visit, the facilities and walking tracks should’ve been updated.

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