Richard Cowling is one interesting bloke. He’s a high-ranking officer with Tasmania Police; an avid and well-travelled diver; an accomplished photographer and he makes a fabulous dinner companion. I know all this, because Richard and his lovely fiancée Michelle, were guests at Red Feather Inn when we stayed at Watchhouse Cottage.

Richard Cowling - Michelle Sly

Michelle Sly (photo by Richard Cowling)

Dinner at Red Feather Inn

photos by Richard Cowling

On the Friday evening, before our bush-tucker cooking school adventure, we enjoyed a fabulous shared-table meal with some fabulous people. One of those at the table, was Richard Cowling.

Richard asked why I was taking photos. I was quick to admit that I’m no photographer, but that I use images to enhance the stories I write for Think Tasmania.

Richard Cowling - Red Feather Inn Cooking School

Red Feather Inn (photo by Richard Cowling)

For every story, I take lots of photos, cross my fingers and hope that some of them turn out okay. But during the Red Feather Inn visit, I suddenly had a much better plan. Richard offered to take photos as well, and share any good ones with Think Tasmania. Over the course of the weekend, I came to realise that ALL his photos were going to be way better than mine!

Richard Cowling - Red Feather Inn

Red Feather Inn (photo by Richard Cowling)

Mad Keane Photography: Very Apt Name

Richard Cowling leads a very busy life, but photography is such a passion, it has evolved into a second career. He recently joined a portraiture business based in Launceston founded by Andrew and Katrina Keane.

Mad Keane Photography specialise in…

portrait, glamour, baby, event and wedding photography services. Anything to do with capturing people and the special moments in their lives.

Richard Cowling - Red Feather Inn, Hadspen

Red Feather Inn (photo by Richard Cowling)

The photos featured here were taken over the weekend at Red Feather Inn and during the trip to Ben Lomond with Craig Williams of Pepper Bush Adventures. Since then, I’ve seen some other photos taken by Richard Cowling, and he has a stunning portfolio. Obviously good with people, he can take a mean scenery shot too.

Richard Cowling - Craig Williams, Pepper Bush Adventures

Craig Williams (photo by Richard Cowling)

Richard Cowling: Making a Great Photo

Richard has a special passion for black and white photography, and he’s also a member of the National Association of Photoshop Professionals. Maybe that’s his secret? Maybe I need to learn how to edit my photos; make them a bit more snazzy? Okay, I know… I’m kidding myself. You actually need some artistic talent to be a photographer, and that I don’t have!

At least I can appreciate a good image when I see one.

Richard Cowling - Black and White Photography

Red Feather Inn (photo by Richard Cowling)

Richard Cowling will be back at the Red Feather Inn Cooking School on Saturday 28 April for another one of their classes. We will share some of his photos from the Game Day (Butchery Series) experience.