Today, we have something special to share: a stunning image sent to us from a very astute reader. Aileen Newell noticed our recent article about the Richmond Church wherein we mentioned the possibility of capturing two of Australia’s oldest structures in the one photo… the Richmond bridge and church. Quick as a flash, Aileen sent us a photo with a little note, proving Think Tasmania has the nicest, most considerate readers of all time!

Richmond Church - Richmond Bridge

Richmond bridge and church

One Photo, Two Icons: Richmond Bridge and Church

Hi Tania and co,

Saw your article on the Richmond church, to get both in the one picture you have to stand at the top of the hill, in the area where the Teddy Bear green is. I have others, but this is the only one on my iPad I can send easily.

Take care, Aileen Newell

Richmond Bridge and Church - Photo, Tasmania

Richmond (photo by Aileen Newell)

How about that? A big thank-you to Aileen for her photo of the Richmond bridge and church captured together in a single frame. And to our readers who constantly amaze us with photos, comments and valuable snippets of information about all things Tasmanian, we thank you too. We think you’re all just wonderful.

Map: Richmond Bridge and Church, Tasmania…

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