If you’d like to enjoy a lovely dinner in Strahan, we can heartily recommend Risby Cove. We dined there with Mike Fry and Carolyn Nissen from Ormiston House, and had absolutely no complaints whatsoever.

Risby Cove - Strahan Tasmania

Risby Cove: Strahan Tasmania

Risby Cove: À la Carte Dining

We left the choice of restaurant in the hands of our hosts. As the savvy tourism operators they are, Mike and Carolyn shared their extensive knowledge about dining options; and we were left wishing our stay in Strahan was a longer one! In fact, many restaurants, tourist attractions and things to see and do definitely require our attention, and give us good reason to return to the west coast to discover more.

Risby Cove - Fritters

Zucchini fritters: Risby Cove

For those in need of some exercise before an indulgence such as ours, there is a very convenient option. Visitors can take a 40-minute rainforest walk to Hogarth Falls. Start at Peoples Park, practically across The Esplanade from Risby Cove. Take your camera and capture some photos of the outdoors, rather than just photos of the food (like us!).

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Risby Cove is located on The Esplanade in Strahan, the tourism capital of Tasmania’s west coast. Phone (03) 6471 7572 for bookings…open daily from 6:00pm for dinner (and from 7:00am for breakfast). You can also follow Risby Cove on Facebook.

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Map: Risby Cove, Strahan Tasmania

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