Picture this: a café by a river in a quiet, bush-land setting. Plenty of parking; no fighting with traffic; modern facilities; fully fenced playground; great food & coffee. And service from the most welcoming, happy people. Well we’ve found it.

Rivulet Cafe - 64 Anglesea Street South Hobart

Rivulet Cafe, South Hobart

Rivulet Café: South Hobart

by Jen Holdsworth

Word of mouth is a powerful tool and it’s thanks to this we found the wonderful Rivulet Café. Set at the bottom end of Anglesea Street in South Hobart (over the Hobart Rivulet, behind South Hobart Primary and Collegiate Junior Schools), it’s nestled into the hills that surround it. And it’s such a surprise! Drive over the bridge, turn the corner and there it is.

Rivulet Cafe - Coffee and Cake

Desserts on show: Rivulet Cafe

You first see a very modern building. Originally the 1960s Boags beer factory, in July 2010 a group of dedicated volunteers purchased the building. They created a wonderful setting for C3 Church, and the Rivulet Café, and incorporated many of the original big steel beams and other features of the Boags Factory .

Rivulet Cafe - Former Boags Factory

Rivulet Cafe: once Tasmanian Boags Factory

Something to Suit Every Taste

It’s an incredible facility with an auditorium that seats 900. It is used for corporate events and by local schools, and Exit Left use it for many of their productions. But for me, the main draw card is the Rivulet Café. It is perfectly relaxing. The atmosphere is light, warm and welcoming. The polished concrete floors and high ceilings add to the cleanest café environment I have seen.

Rivulet Cafe - Large Open Space

Polished concrete floors: Rivulet Cafe

The project has been a dream come true for the C3 community; to create a café open and available to everyone. Families, business people, bush-walkers (there are many walking tracks nearby) and the elderly are all made welcome. Individuals looking for some peace and quiet can just sit outside and take in the bush setting.

It’s a holistic experience, with beautiful, reasonably priced food and drinks. Behind the counter, Wendy is quick with a smile, very accommodating and always up for a good chat.

64 Anglesea Street South Hobart

The playground is modern, clean and fully-fenced, suiting Hobart mums who want to relax while the children play. Inside there are even surfaces, wide open doors, and easy access for wheelchairs or customers with physical impairment.

Rivulet Cafe - Playground

Playground: Rivulet Cafe, South Hobart

It’s always nice to find such a gem for a wonderful coffee experience. The Rivulet Cafe is growing in popularity through word of mouth, like this! Hopefully you and your family manage to pop down to 64 Anglesea Street, South Hobart and enjoy a good morning tea, brunch, or afternoon tea. Served with passion, pride and a smile.

Jen Holdsworth works with two online businesses… Hospital Healing Hampers ~ Quality Australian Healing Gifts D’Entrecasteaux Soaps ~ Handmade Natural Tasmanian Products. She also writes the Holdsworth Chronicles.

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Map: Rivulet Cafe, South Hobart

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