Here at Think Tasmania, we love to share photos and draw attention to this gorgeous state. We also love to shine our beam of light toward Tassie people, working hard at their own unique business ventures. When we can combine both those goals in one article, like this one about Robert Todd, we’re extremely happy.

Robert Todd - Bellerive Waterfront

Bellerive waterfront (photo by Robert Todd)

Robert Todd Photography

Robert moved to Tasmania in April 2012 from Campbelltown, NSW. He decided to make the move having spent holidays in Tasmania back in early 2000, when he fell in love with the place. Looking for more than just a change of scenery, Robert also chose a new career to coincide with his sea-change.

If there was one thing Robert Todd was passionate about, it was photography. He’d owned a camera since his early teens and had always been interested in the industry. In preparation for his move to Tasmania, Robert enrolled in a Diploma course in photography, which he completed in mid 2011. It was time to follow his heart and turn his interest from a hobby to a source of income.

Robert Todd - Mount Wellington, Hobart

Mount Wellington: Hobart Tasmania (photo by Robert Todd)

Robert Todd - Tasmanian Photography

Move to Tasmania (photo by Robert Todd)

Happy with Images of Tasmania

Very happy with the life choices he’s made, Robert Todd declares “there’s no looking back”. Although the time he’s spent in Tasmania so far has been short, he’s captured some amazing images of the scenery he considers wonderful. He’s also met some lovely people and made many new friends, including his peers at the Pittwater Photography Group.

Robert Todd - Photography

Tasmania for photographers (photo by Robert Todd)

Robert Todd - Garden Photography

Photography passion (photo by Robert Todd)

Photos of Tasmania via Social Media

Robert Todd Photography has certainly made an impact in social media circles. Think Tasmania has already shared several of his popular images on Facebook, and we’ll certainly be sharing more in the future. In fact, we also have some images of an old house that Robert would like to share with our readers on the website. Stay tuned for another article about that soon.

Robert Todd - Photography in Tasmania

Levendale (photo by Robert Todd)

Robert Todd lives in Primrose Sands and travels in Tasmania to capture images for his clients.  He sells his work via Robert Todd Photography. For more details, call 0423 666 973.