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Regular readers would know I’m a born-again Tasmanian, living the dream life after a sea-change from the mainland. Our feature writers (who are “real” Tasmanians) research things to do and annual events; places to eat & drink and great shopping experiences in order to write their reports. From guest authors and die-hard enthusiasts, we extract as much information as legally possible about their local secrets. And we also bring you articles from Mike Fry, professional photojournalist and passionate west coast resident.

Get the Real Tasmania: Tourist Version

But what if we’re all blinded by bias and parochialism? Yes.  I’ll admit, that’s definitely possible. So who could give us a true picture of what you can expect when you spend your holiday in Tasmania? Tourist… come on down!

Roger Findlay - Cradle Mountain

Roger braves the elements: Cradle Mountain National Park

We are delighted to introduce the latest contributor to Think Tasmania. Giving us his impressions as the genuine Tasmanian tourist, Roger Findlay has agreed to reveal the reasons he is so passionate about the island state. And as you can see from his profile, Roger is nothing if not passionate about his holidays in Tassie.

Who is Roger Findlay?

Let’s ask the man himself.

Hi, my name is Roger Findlay. I am an Englishman. I came to Australia in 1981 after spending four years under the apartheid regime of South Africa. My wife, Jeanette, is from Cape Town and we had to leave the country to marry.

I have a mechanical engineering background and all of my 46 years in the workforce have been in that field. I am edging closer to retirement now and have an ideal job at TAFE.

Our home is a hobby farm on the New South Wales/Victorian border not far from Albury. We have Damara sheep and Peking ducks as well as lots of chestnut trees.

Roger Findlay - King Island

Roger contemplates life: King Island, Tasmania

I am an avid Liverpool F.C. supporter and, despite being so far from home, I see every game.

Jeanette and I are gourmets and, as we travel through Tasmania, we seek out the best local produce available.

Roger Findlay - Gourmet Tasmanian Tourist

Gourmet Tasmanian tourist: Roger Findlay (Ross bakery)

With regard to travel, I was a bit of a lager lout in Spain and Italy but my only ambition now is to enjoy more holidays in Tasmania until the time comes to retire there. I never travel north and haven’t been in England since 1977.

Tasmania is the only place for me!


Roger F.

Roger Findlay: Tasmanian Tourist For Now

So there you have it. Roger Findlay is currently a tourist in Tasmania with plans to settle here one day. Who could be more perfect to write articles for Think Tasmania? He has practically all our bases covered! Roger’s first assignment will be to write about his experience in Stanley on the north west coast. I have a sneaking suspicion his photos are going to be a knock-out.

Articles by Roger Findlay

You can also read a little about Roger’s daughter Carly Findlay.

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