When we asked Roger to go on assignment to the Bay of Fires on a walking tour with Life’s An Adventure, little did we anticipate the impending drama! The excitement has been building for our intrepid reporter, but for his long-suffering wife Jeanette? Not so much. She sent us a little note to explain her suffering.

Roger - Long Suffering Wife, Jeanette

Jeanette Findlay: Roger’s overwhelming training

Fitness Regime for Roger

For the past few weeks Roger has been preparing for the Bay of Fires walk. He’s been taking it all very seriously and has been furiously working on his fitness. I may as well live in a convent as he believes in preparing for a big occasion in the same way as the Italian soccer players.

Every day he goes through the check list; packs and unpacks his gear then starts all over again. Today he decided to dress in full wet weather gear and to test the weight of a full pack. The walk is over three days and involves approximately 30kms of easy walking. Roger is prepared for the Kokoda Trail.

Roger’s travel plans are painstakingly precise. Due to mud holes on the tracks, V-Line cannot run a train to Melbourne and Roger has decided to drive. The car will be parked at JetBay and he will fly Virgin just like those before.

To hone his gourmet palate, Roger has been eating King Island brie and wallaby salami from the Grassy butcher. He loves Tarkine honey and Bruny Island spiced cherries in Pinot Noir. He’s also developed a taste for Tasmanian wines.

So you can fully understand the anxiety I’m experiencing, I have attached a few photos. Can’t wait for him to go!

Roger - Walk Preparations

Roger’s kit: Bay of Fires adventure

Roger - Packing his Bags

Luckily all the gear doesn’t have to be carried

Gavin has taken a slightly more low-key approach to his training regime, but he’s also pretty excited about his adventure. Especially after this Facebook comment by Mark Norek (the business owner)…

Taste Cafe recently catered our first Bay of Fires for the season and the food was INCREDIBLE. We would like to think that it was quite possibly the best food that we’ve had on one of our camping/walking holidays. Good work guys!

I know a few people who are just a wee bit jealous about the opportunity. Can’t wait to see the photos and hear what they have to say about it all. Talk about a trip of a lifetime! And we hope poor Jeanette survives the last-minute preparations and sends Roger away in one piece.

Roger - Bay of Fires

Roger (photo taken near Anson’s Bay)

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