You know how much we love a waterfront dining opportunity. Well, we’ve found another good place for you to try: Rosevears Hotel.

Tamar Valley Dining: Rosevears Hotel

The views were actually better in person than our photo would indicate. You’ll just have to see it, to believe it. The food was to our liking. Gavin needs little encouragement to order duck, and the leg on the specials board was more than he could resist.

Rosevears Hotel - Duck on the Menu

Popular menu special: duck leg

The duck was dished up with a generous serve of vegetables, but we shared an extra plate on the side as well. Good move… it was the best side-serve of vegetables we’ve ever seen.

Pub Pizza and Chips: Tamar Valley

Rosevears Hotel states their mission is simple: “serve delicious, local food that guests will want to return to”. Well that rings true for us, at least. We’d definitely line up for another meeting with their menu.

Rosevears Hotel - Pizza near Launceston

Tamar Valley: pizza, Rosevears Hotel

For something more casual: pizza with chicken, bacon, caramelized onion, bbq sauce and mozzarella cheese. The perfectly-cooked, crunchy chips on the side were a winner!

Rosevears Hotel - Tasmanian Potatoes

The perfect hot chips: Rosevears Hotel

Rosevears Hotel is located at 215 Rosevears Drive in the Tamar Valley, not far from Moores Hill Estate. Phone (03) 6394 4074 for details or follow Rosevears Hotel on Facebook.

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