When we write articles, we’re often inspired by the comments we receive via social media. Such is the case today. When we posted a photo of Rosny Cottage, someone asked if they could live there. It’s just so cute!

Rosny Cottage - Rosny Farm

Rosny Cottage: Rosny Farm

Promise of Spring: Rosny Cottage

Another reader thought blooming roses would enhance the garden of Rosny Cottage. The flowering garden is actually quite pretty, so we should return again to Rosny Farm during the spring (as we’ve done in the past) and take another shot from the same vantage point. To consolidate all these opinions, we’ve had a discussion within Think Tasmania’s community lately about interest in Tasmanian history as a subject, and how it develops with age. Like a fine wine, perhaps?

On the most recent occasion, we went to Rosny Farm specifically for The Barn Market, and that was our main focus on the day (aside from snapping a few extra photos as shared here). On our next visit, we promise… we’ll explore Rosny Cottage in more detail and report back our findings. We’ll also take a better range of photos, without dodging market shoppers, buskers and stall-holders!

Rosny Cottage - Barn Market

Herbs for sale: The Barn Market

Unique Cultural Centre: City of Clarence

Clarence City Council manage the so-called “unique cultural centre” and have this to say about Rosny Cottage

The Rosny Farm cottage was built c1850 and has, over the years, been the residence for farm families and green-keepers for the nearby golf course. The cottage now houses the Rosny Collection. This collection of realia was formerly housed at Val Hawkes Country Life Museum on the Tasman Peninsula. Council purchased the entire collection in the 1980s. The collection now forms the main part of the display in the cottage which is designed to represent life in the early 20th century.

Rosny Cottage - City of Clarence

Rosny Farm, Clarence: Hobart’s eastern shore

Rosny Cottage - Golf Course

Rosny Cottage: former green-keeper’s residence

For such a compact site, Rosny Farm certainly has a lot to inspect. It’s hard to miss The Barn, the impressive heritage structure at the entrance of the precinct, now a visual and performing arts space. The schoolhouse gallery (a replica of that built at Osterley in central Tasmania in 1890) hosts about a dozen annual exhibitions featuring professional artists, community groups and schools.

And then there’s Rosny Cottage, with displays of the history and development of Rosny Farm. And that, my friends, will be our primary concern next visit… just so you know what we’re up to!

Rosny Cottage - Rosny Barn

The Barn: visual and performing arts space

Rosny Cottage - Convict Heritage

Convict history: Rosny Farm

Rosny Farm is open to the public at 11:00am to 5:00pm Wednesday to Sunday and closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and between Christmas and New Year. Guided tours can be arranged. Rosny Farm is located adjacent to the Eastlands Shopping Centre with access off Bligh Street and Rosny Hill Road, Rosny Park.

Clarence City Council has registered Rosny Farm as a member of Think Tasmania.

Rosny Cottage - Schoolhouse Gallery

Exhibitions are held in the replica schoolhouse gallery

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