Back Country, the Rosny Farm exhibition by India Flint, opened March 12 and formed part of Tasmania’s International Arts Festival. With a backdrop of heritage sandstone The Barn proved the perfect venue choice for “an evolving body of work that grew and expanded over eighteen months travelling the red heart of the big island north of Tasmania”.

Rosny Farm Exhibition - The Barn

The Barn: Rosny Farm

Rosny Farm Exhibition Calendar

Rosny Farm is managed by the Arts and Events department of Clarence City Council. Exhibition space includes the historic Barn and Schoolhouse Gallery and the annual exhibition and event schedule can be found online. You can also follow Clarence Events via Facebook.

In January, there was a ceremony held to commemorate the 40th anniversary of the Tasman Bridge collapse. We photographed this memorial plaque on our Tasman Bridge walk last year, but we could only vaguely remember the actual event;  it happened when we were pre-teens and living interstate.

Tasman Bridge Walk - Memorial Plaque

Tasman Bridge Collapse Memorial Plaque

It was such a tragic disaster, but viewing historic memorabilia from the collapse of the Tasman Bridge revealed some fascinating stories of community spirit. We were amazed by the details when we visited the exhibition at Rosny Farm to coincide with the anniversary.

Rosny Farm Exhibition - Tasman Bridge Monaro

Frank and Sylvia Manly: Monaro

Tasman Bridge Disaster

Hobart really was a city divided when MV Lake Illawarra took out a pylon causing a central section of the bridge to collapse into the Derwent River. The Tasman Bridge was “gone” – as the newspaper headlines described it – and with it, easy access to and from the CBD for eastern shore residents. This is one Rosny Farm exhibition that’s likely to be on show again for the next anniversary, and it’s totally worth a visit. In the meantime of course, there’ll be plenty of other events to inspire, plus the usual features including the Barn Market and Rosny Cottage.

Rosny Farm Exhibition - Cottage

Rosny Cottage from Schoolhouse Gallery

The Barn and Schoolhouse Gallery

The Rosny Farm exhibition Back Country by India Flint will close April 12 (The Barn). Also running concurrently until April 12 is Air Ligatures by Robyn McNicol. The installation (Schoolhouse Gallery) includes paintings and sculptural work, using lightweight materials including paper pulp: “a poetic response to air movements, coastal patterns and bird life in the South Arm Peninsula”.

Rosny Farm Exhibition - Schoolhouse Gallery

Schoolhouse Gallery: Rosny Farm exhibitions

Rosny Farm Exhibition - Entrance

Rosny Farm via carpark, Rosny Hill Road

Rosny Farm is open to the public from 11:00am to 5:00pm Wednesday to Sunday and closed on Mondays, Tuesdays and between Christmas and New Year. Guided tours can be arranged. Rosny Farm is located adjacent to the Eastlands Shopping Centre with access off Bligh Street and Rosny Hill Road, Rosny Park.

Clarence City Council Arts & Events program officer Dane Hunnerup registered Rosny Farm as a member of Think Tasmania.

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