Rosny Hill Road runs between the Tasman Highway and Cambridge Road, taking commuters from the Hobart CBD to Bellerive, Howrah and beyond. The photo below shows the section of road between Kangaroo Bay (to the right) and Eastlands (to the left). The lights of Blundstone Arena can be seen in the distance.

Rosny Hill Road, Hobart Tasmania

Rosny Hill Road

Let’s Get Ridiculous: Rosny Hill Road

Here’s the top five things to love about Rosny Hill Road. That’s a weird statement, but please stick with us. All will become clear if you actually read the text, all the way to the end of the article. And there will be a test.

1. Charles Hand Memorial Park

This park is a lovely place to walk your dog casually, or sprint up hills if that’s your fitness preference. The tree-filled park is adjacent to Rosny College and the Kangaroo Bay sports field and sometimes boasts events such as the Shannons Car and Bike Expo.

Charles Hand Memorial Park

Charles Hand Memorial Park: Rosny Hill Road

2. Rosny Skate Park

During weekends in winter the juniors descend on Kangaroo Bay to play soccer. Summer sees the cricketers out in force, and this year the Clarence District Cricket Club will relocate into a brand new sports complex. But all year round, skating enthusiasts flock to Rosny Hill Road to use the state-of-the-art facilities at Rosny Skate Park. The stage will be set here for the Clarence City Council version of Carols by Candlelight too.

Skate Park, Rosny Hill Road

Rosny Skate Park: Kangaroo Bay

3. Rosny Farm

You know we love Rosny Farm, with its heritage buildings, art exhibitions and events program. Besides Rosny Cottage, this is the delightful home of The Barn Market, and if you get your skates on (see what we did there!) you can visit the next planned market on Saturday 3 September, right before Father’s Day.

Rosny Barn

Rosny Farm: The Barn

4. Rosny Park Public Golf Course

We’re not major league golfers by any stretch, but we don’t need Barnbougle or even Tasmania Golf Club when we have this classic beauty right on Rosny Hill Road. The public course is open to all-comers and they even welcome beginners.

Rosny Park Public Golf Course

Rosny Park Public Golf Course

5. Eastlands Shopping Centre

Some would say it’s the pièce de résistance of Rosny Hill Road, so we cannot overlook Eastlands Shopping Centre for this top five list. Conveniently located alongside the Bligh Street Bus Mall for public transport users, Eastlands also has extensive car parks for those arriving independently. Find a cinema, loads of takeaway food outlets and the general business district for Hobart’s eastern shore. Walk to Bellerive Village along the newly established Kangaroo Bay Drive for a broader experience of the region.

Rosny Hill Road - Eastlands

Eastlands: Tasmania’s largest shopping centre

Did we miss your favourite place on Rosny Hill Road? Share your top tips by leaving a reply in the comments section below.

Okay, so we’re just having a bit of fun today. It must be the spring weather. Thanks for indulging our poke at click-bait articles, which are seemingly so popular just now.

Rosny Hill Road - Kangaroo Bay

Kangaroo Bay near Rosny College

You can construct a “top five” article using any topic you like; it’s easy! Who’s entitled to bestow THE BEST awards? Anyone! Challenge Think Tasmania with a topic.. we’re up for it. We’ve thoroughly enjoyed writing this Rosny Hill Road epic, and we’ve done similar posts in the past. We do like all our articles to have substance though; we’re sticklers like that.

Accommodation in Hobart - Salamanca Inn

Five reasons to stay at Salamanca Inn

We know it’s all-but impossible for punters to resist the temptation to open teasing website links via social media. Usually, it’s pretty easy to predict the hollow nature of content inside. That’s exactly why click-bait articles are published in the first place, we get that. We’ll get over it.

Rosny Hill Road overpass: Eastlands to Rosny Skate Park

Rosny Hill Road overpass

Hopefully you’ll actually glean something useful from this article about Rosny Hill Road today. We’ve actually been on location personally, so that always helps. And the photos were actually taken by us, fancy! We didn’t just grab the images from a random social media account at the death knock before publication.

Rosny Hill Road - United Service Station

United Service Station: Rosny Hill Road

But we won’t rant (any more!). We’ll just accept the click-bait practice quietly and without malice, and continue on our merry way. Hopefully you’ll all have a good chuckle along with us, and if you’re also in the online content creation game, best of luck to you too. Please do join the conversation, and let us know your thoughts.

Rosny Hill Road - TMAG

TMAG building: Rosny Hill Road

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