Launceston embraced its way into 2013 at Royal Park.

Royal Park - Fireworks

Fireworks: Royal Park, Launceston (photo by Kathryn Heathcote)

The Royal Park Way to Celebrate

by Kathryn Heathcote

The Australian theme was to embrace, and Launceston certainly did that in style. Royal Park was bulging at the seams. From teenagers in shorts who, as the night wore on and a cold breeze set in, had to keep dancing to avoid getting cold. Whilst the rest of us, being a bit older and wiser, of course, had the sense to rug up with a coat or a fleece or maybe both.

Rock to the Sounds

From babies to oldies, they danced to the sounds from The Fabulous Picasso Brothers to the Wolfe Brothers. The Collective sang out: “come on everyone, help count down the 9:30 New Year” for those that needed their beds before 10:00pm.

Sights and Smells

Children bounced on castles, had balloons in all shapes and for those that were brave, tackled the rodeo. The collection of Royal Park stalls, some glowing with festive lights, sold pizza, hot dogs and chips, with glasses of bubbly, bottles of pop, beer by Boags to refresh the lot. For the more refined, home made picnics laid out for a feast. Some brought their chairs, whilst others chose blankets with class, zebra stripes, checks and pink fleecy wraps.

Launceston Lit up the Sky

From somewhere out of sight, a switch was flicked. The night sky over Royal Park lit up like a Las Vegas strip. We ooh’d and ahh’d at the fireworks they launched… it’s amazing what can be done with some gunpowder sticks.

Royal Park - NYE Fireworks

Fireworks: Launceston Tasmania (photo by Kathryn Heathcote)

Royal Park pulsated with laughter and music all night. They came, they saw, they danced, they cheered they rocked their way into a Happy New Year.

Kathryn Heathcote from Evandale won tickets to the Porcelain Punch Travelling Medicine Show by entering one of our giveaway opportunities, then offered to write a review of the show. She has also had three other articles published: a showcase of her Cradle Mountain Snow photos; a story about the theatre production titled There Goes the Neighbourhood and a
review of her family’s visit to the Beaconsfield Mine and Heritage Centre.

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Map: Royal Park, Launceston Tasmania

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