Would you try a restaurant on the strength of our say-so? We’re not professional food critics by any stretch, but we’re asked – so often – to recommend places to eat. And places to stay, places to visit… even places to buy things. Oh the pressure! Anyway, all that aside, we’ve always enjoyed our meals at Royal Thai in North Hobart, so we thought we’d share our personal experience with you.

Royal Thai - Restaurant

Royal Thai restaurant, North Hobart

Royal Thai Restaurant: North Hobart

We dined at Royal Thai for the very first time after we’d been to a Theatre Royal season launch for Think Tasmania. The meals were delicious and the service was fast and friendly. And this is an important feature to us – we could move easily between the tables without pushing past other diners. Some places crowd so many people in, you feel like you’re squashed in like sardines.

Our most recent feast at Royal Thai (located at 201 Elizabeth Street, North Hobart) was equally impressive. We’ve been there on a range of occasions, arriving at varying times during the evening, and we don’t have a single negative thing to report from any of those experiences.

Royal Thai - North Hobart

Royal Thai restaurant: North Hobart

While we’re not trained in the art of reviewing restaurants, and we don’t pretend to be anything we’re not, we have eaten at a few restaurants over the years. We lived in Melbourne for a while, and enjoyed the odd culinary outing. Royal Thai lives up to Victorian counterparts in the restaurant industry, in our humble opinion.

Royal Thai - Hobart Tasmania

Decor: Royal Thai features gold

What Do You Think: Right or Wrong?

Making individual suggestion to readers is always so difficult. We don’t know your personal dietary preferences or your budgetary constraints. So we’ll continue to share our thoughts via Think Tasmania and leave you to decide (when you visit yourselves) if we were right or wrong. It’s always so satisfying to receive feedback from readers about our assessments, especially when we’re thanked for the heads-up about a previously unknown place to eat/stay/visit/shop.

So… we don’t know your exact partialities, but we do however, know our taste-buds were well pleased at Royal Thai. On one occasion, we ordered the spring rolls to share as a starter. They were some of the best we’ve ever tasted. We will be hard-pressed to dine at Royal Thai again and bypass the spring rolls. Although it’s one of those places (for us anyway) that makes choosing difficult, with so many delicious-sounding options on the menu. We should note we’d eaten half the spring rolls BEFORE we photographed the plate. Sorry! That happens sometimes when we’re hungry.

Royal Thai - Spring Rolls

Spring Rolls: Royal Thai

Satay Chicken and Drunken Duck

My satay chicken was really pleasant and perfect for someone who doesn’t like too much heat in their spice! Main courses were around the $25-mark, although the seafood dishes and Gavin’s “drunken duck” were pushing the $28-mark. Both meals were packed with vegetables, and the rice was light, fluffy and arrived to the table while hot. All-in-all a memorable dinner, and we hope you think so too if you venture to Royal Thai one day. Please let us know if you do, by leaving a comment below. Maybe you can tell us what we should order next time.

Royal Thai - Satay Chicken

Satay Chicken: Royal Thai, Hobart

Royal Thai - Drunken Duck

Drunken Duck: Royal Thai

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Map: Royal Thai, North Hobart

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