The Tasmanian Safari Bus Tour belongs to ZooDoo Wildlife Park, 6km from the historical township of Richmond, Tasmania. Forget historical; more like hysterical when you land here!

Tasmanian Devil at ZooDoo, home of the Safari Bus Tour

Tasmanian Devil: ZooDoo

ZooDoo Wildlife Park: Safari Bus Tour

ZooDoo Wildlife Park has introduced exotic animals to Tasmania. Think tigers and lions. They must cost a fortune to keep. Devils and possums don’t eat that much compared to a 250kg cat!

Tiger at ZooDoo, Richmond Tasmania

Tasmanian tiger: ZooDoo Wildlife Park

Safari Bus Tour: ZooDoo Highlight

After a picnic lunch in the grounds, our group joined the queue for the safari bus tour. The bus made a run several times daily, so we could schedule our trip between lion-feeding shows.

The gruff instructions from the driver included the order to hold tightly to the bag of chaff we were given. He told us that any lost bags would result in a $50 littering fine. As it turned out, that was a huge joke. Have you ever tried to keep your grip on a paper bag when a ravenous emu is grabbing at it with its pointy beak? We survived the emu-feeding, only to be challenged by the ostriches. And then the camels on the home straight.

We didn’t know if we should…

  • hold our belongings tightly to our chest
  • leave our belongings unguarded on the bus
  • just throw our belongings out and stand back
Safari Bus Tour: Camel at ZooDoo Wildlife Park, Tasmania

Do I have spinach in my teeth?

Calm Koala

Honestly, the experience evoked screams of laughter from some, and screams of terror from others. Thankfully, we survived with all fingers intact and only a little camel dribble in our hair. Needing something a little more sedate, we returned to the peaceful, sleepy koala.

Koala: ZooDoo Wildlife Park, Richmond Tasmania

Koala resting peacefully: Richmond Tasmania

For a fee, we could’ve had our photos taken with the koala or a wombat. There were plenty of opportunities to take our own photos though, especially when we bought a bag of chaff. That attracted a crowd of animals in one shake. The international tourists at ZooDoo would’ve filled their albums with snaps of Australian wildlife.

Richmond is only a short drive from Hobart. There are many attractions in the Coal River Valley. But are you brave enough for the safari bus tour?

More for information, visit ZooDoo Zoo online.


Map: ZooDoo Wildlife Park, Richmond Tasmania…

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