So we’ve talked (a LOT) about seafood lately. Now we’ll switch to cheese. It’s another staple from the Tasmanian diet we just can’t resist. If you want a good selection of Tasmanian cheese from the one location, try Salamanca Fresh. The former Foodstore business on Clarence Street has been rebranded to join the stable of Salamanca Fresh stores.

Salamanca Fresh - Bellerive

Cheese cabinet: Salamanca Fresh, Bellerive

We’re pretty happy with the variety of local cheese on offer in Bellerive, although we do still like to hunt and gather during gourmet drives from Hobart. However, it’s not easy to “drive” to some places. Take King Island Dairy for example. That’s why we’re happy to have a good supplier in Bellerive Tasmania that’s such a cinch to visit.

Salamanca Fresh - Cheese

King Island Dairy: Salamanca Fresh

Further Reading about Tasmanian Cheese

Here’s a few cheesy articles we prepared earlier…

Salamanca Fresh -Ashgrove Cheese

Ashgrove Cheese platter: Festivale, Launceston

Salamanca Fresh - Bruny Island Cheese

Bruny Island Cheese (photo by Anelda Lotter Photography)

Salamanca Fresh - Grandvewe Cheeses

Think Tasmania favourite: Grandvewe Primavera

Further Reading about Salamanca Fresh

Margaret Morgan (from Sheoaks on Freycinet Bed and Breakfast in Coles Bay) wrote a fabulous article to assist tourists embarking on a self-catering holiday in Tasmania. She mentioned Salamanca Fresh as a great place to start for those in Hobart.

Salamanca Fresh - Self-Catering Holiday

Salamanca Fresh: self-catering holiday

Salamanca Fresh - Hobart Tasmania

Salamanca Fresh: fruit and vegetables, Hobart

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Map: Salamanca Fresh, Bellerive Tasmania

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