We have relatives arriving in Hobart this evening, booked to stay at Salamanca Inn. Long lost cousins from Kingston, South Australia. Clearly then they’ve not been lost; we know exactly where they’re coming from. We just haven’t seen them in a really long time. Exciting!

Salamanca Inn - Beef and Seafood Tier

Beef and Seafood Grill Restaurant: Salamanca Inn

Dining in Style: Salamanca Inn

We could’ve and would’ve offered them beds at our place. But this was a last-minute surprise visit AND we’re at capacity already with other guests from Adelaide. Tasmania is a popular place, I tell you!

Salamanca Inn - Seafood

Beef and seafood

Another friend arriving from Melbourne tonight in readiness for tomorrow’s Kangaroos-Demons AFL match at Blundstone Arena in Bellerive has also booked elsewhere; at Wrest Point Casino in his case. Gavin’s Uncle and Aunt are driving around Tasmania right now, and we’ll see them in Hobart next week. My parents were here in March. We might buy a hotel when there’s one selling in our price range!

Salamanca Inn - Chicken

Chicken: Salamanca Inn

Anyway, on with the actual story! I just wanted to let you know: the food from Salamanca Inn is smashing. The Beef and Seafood Grill is a good choice for a special-occasion dinner. The signature dish (hot and cold seafood tier) is not for the lightweight diner, especially when you add beef as well. We could manage though… how about you?

Salamanca Inn - Dessert

Dessert plate

Salamanca Inn is located at 10 Gladstone Street, Battery Point near Salamanca Place. Phone (03) 6223 3300 for details, or follow either Salamanca Inn or Beef and Seafood Grill on Facebook.

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Map: Salamanca Inn, Hobart Tasmania

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