We sometimes drive from Hobart to Swansea just for a day trip. We love the place! And lunch at Saltshaker Restaurant is always a treat.

Saltshaker Restaurant: Swansea Tasmania

Saltshaker Restaurant: Swansea Tasmania

Swansea Tasmania: Saltshaker Restaurant

On a fine day, there’s nothing finer than dining on the deck at Saltshaker Restaurant. We were lucky to get a prime seaside seat for our recent experience in Swansea. So we ordered oysters to celebrate!

Saltshaker Restaurant - Oysters

When in Swansea Tasmania: oysters

We also ordered fish with greens, fried Camembert with salad and a side of chips. There may have been a cheeky beer as well. It was sunny!

Saltshaker Restaurant - Tasmanian Seafood

Tasmanian seafood

Saltshaker Restaurant - Tasmanian Cheese

Tasmanian cheese: Saltshaker Restaurant

There’s always boating activity on the water to watch. And dogs walking on the beach. We love the coastal backdrop… Swansea just makes you smile.

Saltshaker Restaurant - Swansea Tasmania

Swansea views: east coast Tasmania

Find Saltshaker Restaurant on Franklin Street (that’s the main drag) in the east coast Tasmanian town of Swansea. Phone (03) 6257 8488 for details or follow Saltshaker Restaurant on Facebook.

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Map: Saltshaker Restaurant, Swansea Tasmania

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