We were watching a TERRIBLE movie via Fetch TV Saturday night. We wasted half an hour willing the show to improve. It did not improve. At all. So we ditched the couch and headed to San Churro Salamanca to see what we could see. And taste what we could taste, of course!

San Churro Salamanca - Hobart Tasmania

San Churro Salamanca Square Tasmania

Uber Eats: San Churro Salamanca

What we tasted was pretty darn good. We ordered churros for two, selecting the dark chocolate and salted caramel dipping pots. Sweet choice. Thankfully, the fried dough was hot and crunchy. I’d probably have the milk chocolate dip next time. So yeah, there’ll be a next time. Especially now Churros Cafe at Island Markets in Moonah is just a fond but distant memory.

Island Market churros

Island Market churros… sadly no longer available

It was hectic in Salamanca Square; plenty of revellers enjoying their Saturday night at The Brick Factory and Barcelona. Also… so many Uber Eats deliveries leaving the dessert house! Obviously other people had chosen a better movie than ours, and stayed at home. I like the idea of home delivery food, but how does the driver keep the food hot and crunchy en-route? One guy was running with the paper bag he’d collected, such was his commitment to his customers. Or he could’ve just been doubled parked in Salamanca Place!

San Churro Salamanca - Honey Badger

San Churro and Honey Badger, Salamanca Square

Perhaps we need to give Uber Eats in Hobart a try, so we can make an informed decision?

San Churro Chocolateria, Hobart Tasmania

San Churro Chocolateria, Hobart Tasmania

San Churro Salamanca is in Salamanca Square, Battery Point alongside Honey Badger Dessert Cafe. You can never have too many dessert restaurants in one location, am I right? Phone (03) 6295 4644 for details or follow San Churro Salamanca on Facebook.

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