Today was the grand opening of Sandy Bay Chalet, Hobart’s newest pet-friendly accommodation property, owned by Mike and Ashi Edwards. The dynamic duo also launched their complementary health business today… Sandy Bay Natural Therapies. It was such a nice occasion, and we met so many great people, we couldn’t wait to share the details with you.

Sandy Bay Natural Therapies - Sandy Bay Chalet

Sandy Bay Chalet (photo supplied)

Sandy Bay Chalet: You’re Welcome

Mike and Ashi are part of the strong Tassie “newcomer” contingent. They moved to Tasmania two years ago to enjoy the weather, the lifestyle and the company of like-minded people. They’ve since formed a network of friends and fellow business owners, and many of those colleagues were at today’s launch. Ashi (in her signature, welcoming, all-inclusive fashion) mentioned practically everyone in the audience during her speech!

Scott Bacon, Tasmania’s Minister for Tourism, was on hand to conduct the formalities and he too gave a great talk. He made reference to the large crowd of well-wishers, when Ashi claimed that she and Mike didn’t know anyone in Tasmania! He commended them for their investment, vision and forward-thinking. He was particularly pleased to learn about the incorporation of other creative ideas in the business plan, encompassing gourmet foods and health services.

Pet-Friendly Accommodation in Hobart

Sandy Bay Chalet is pet-friendly, so it was no surprise to see a few four-legged guests at the opening. Passionate about the care and welfare of animals and dogs in particular, the new businesses will support the Dogs Home of Tasmania.  Everyone in the audience was no doubt connected in some way by their love of animals. Future guests taking pets on holiday in Tasmania will be spoiled unconditionally at Sandy Bay Chalet.

Mike and Ashi also volunteer their time at the Chigwell Community Garden, where they originally met Scott Bacon. Unaware at the time that their new friend was the Minister for Tourism, Ashi declared he was “lovely”. She’s such a positive person, free with her praise and quick to give credit. There’s little wonder the opening for Sandy Bay Chalet was so well attended.

Sandy Bay Chalet is located at 70 Waimea Avenue in Sandy Bay (a southern-city suburb of Hobart, Tasmania). Visit the Sandy Bay Chalet website for more information; phone Mike and Ashi on 0400 234 145 for bookings. You can also follow Sandy Bay Chalet on Facebook.

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